Travelogue: England & Scotland 2013 – The Morgan Hotel [London]

How We Came to Book That Hotel

Originally I had wanted to find a hotel somewhat outside of London, if possible on the River Thames, and I had chosen Henley-on-Thames as a place to stay. But when I found out that a return ticket [train] to London would be at least £14.90 – and that outside of the rush hours – I soon forgot about that idea. My next choice was the Borough of Camden Town because of its closeness to Hampstead Heath, that wonderful vast area of green, and since it wasn’t too far from the centre of London by Tube. But we didn’t really get a satisfying answer from the hotels and B&Bs I inquired with and thus I simply checked out some hotels – after eliminating the most expensive ones – I found in our two guide books [R. Steves’ Great Britain 2013 and England (Lonely Planet)] on the internet, and found the Morgan Hotel


The Morgan Hotel

… in Bloomsbury which was agreeable to both Mary and me.

The Morgan Hotel in London

The real plus factor which induced us to finally book this small family-run hotel in the Borough of Bloomsbury was the really convenient location, only a 5-minute walk from the Tottenham Court Road Tube station, next to the British Museum [the rooms at the back of the hotel overlook the museum]. In spite of the fairly central location of the hotel [Oxford Street, Covent Garden and the theatre district, and Soho as well as Westminster and Hyde Park were within easy walking distance, whereas the City of London was a tad farther to walk to, but still doable], and in spite of the fact that the hotel was situated on a well-travelled street, our room, which admittedly was towards the back of the hotel, turned out to be really quiet. As Mary wrote in her diary, “Room is comfy, clean, and has at-home feel to it.”

The hotel didn’t offer any parking but then we didn’t want that anyway.

Our room was fairly small but sufficient: the bed was big enough …


Our Bed

… and the mattress good for our backs, which means it wasn’t too soft, and we had a small coffee table with two small chairs.

table & chairs

Coffee Table and Chairs

The modern bathroom provided enough space, but had a somewhat narrowish shower stall. Everything was VERY clean and well kept. Well, and the price included a good breakfast with the choice of “Continental” or “Full English”. Needless to say we chose the latter. The staff was a tad on the quiet side, but still very friendly. Since it was a B&B hotel it didn’t have a lounge, but we wouldn’t have used that anyway, being on our way all day. At £135 per night the hotel wasn’t exactly on the cheap side for a relatively small double room, but considering the (fairly) central location and with a good breakfast included this prices was not too steep as far as London hotel prices go.

Our final overall verdict: we’d come back any time.

Um diesen Artikel in Deutsch zu lesen, hier klicken.

2 responses to “Travelogue: England & Scotland 2013 – The Morgan Hotel [London]

  1. Great post, Pit! You found a gem.

    • Hi Kathleen,
      Thanks for having taken the time to stop by visiting my blog and for leaving a comment.
      Re the Morgan Hotel: it sure was a great place to stay, but as to a “gem”, wait till you can read my description and see pics of the Abbeyfields B&B in York. That was even better. Much better. Should you ever travel to York, I’d certainly recommend Abbeyfields.
      Best regards from Karnes City,

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