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Sally & Chiquita …

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… have got new beds: … and I believe both of them are really happy. Their old beds had become too worn and filthy for us to wash them. So we just threw them out and got new ones. They’re … Continue reading


Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionable

Buster, my best friend and, except for my wife, best companion, who – sadly – left us on June 20, 2011:


Buster – my friend, you’ll never be forgotten

For more about Buster see my previous posting here and also on my blog in German .


In Memoriam Buster

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It was two years ago last Thursday that we saw Buster, the old faithful doggie and my best friend, for the last time. That is why I’d like to – as a kind of an obituary – present his curriculum … Continue reading


Chiquita’s …

… real name ist Tippy! Today we had a phone call from her owner, a woman from New Mexico. That’s why it took her that long to get into contact with us. She had only chanced to see our flyer … Continue reading


News about Our Four-Legged Crew

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Let’s start with Chiquita – that’s our foundling’s name: she has settled in here and made herself at home very well, and sometimes is (quite) attentive … … and sometimes just plain lazy. The vet’s examination turned out positive: she’s … Continue reading



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Very likely our “zoo” has a new member again. When Mary drove to town – or should I rather say “village” – shortly before noon last Thursday, she saw a little doggie on the other side of the highway just … Continue reading


Like Cat and Dog

This saying takes on a completely different meaning in our household. We already knew that Sally is very good friends with all our kitties and tha she even – with a truly angelic patiemce – tolerates the antics and attention … Continue reading


Sally …

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… had to have surgery again yesterday. We had known it for quite some time that one of the deep wounds which those stupid javalinas had inflicted on her at the end of January stubbornly refused to heal completely, whatever … Continue reading



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Sister Fidelma, Mr. Pickwick and Sally are getting along nicely, aren’t they? And all three of them share Sally’s pillow in the living-room, even if Sally has to make room and lie halfway on the hard wooden floor. But she’s … Continue reading


Poor Sally

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As I mentioned in one of my previous posts [Sally and Mr. Pickwick], we had had to take Sally back to out vet, Dr. Patton, for another treatment of her old wounds, inflicted by some nasty javalinas, and now she’s … Continue reading