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Victoria Advocate | Karnes rides cycle of boom, bust (Video)

Victoria Advocate | Karnes rides cycle of boom, bust (Video). The article from which the following excerpt was taken appeared yesterday in our regional paper, The Victoria Advocate, as the seventh instalment in a series about the oil-boom we’re at … Continue reading


Oversized Bunsen Burner

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This is what it looked like across the highway after fracking was done: After fracking was done and over with, it looked like this for a while across the highway from our property. I don’t really know what they were … Continue reading


Fracking and Air Pollution

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That’s what it looks like when the diesel engines are at full power to provide energy for the fracking – not too nice a view: And this here doesn’t look any better: Related articles Report: Fracking Could Cause a New … Continue reading


Further Preparations …

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… for fracking are in full swing. What exactly will be done with this tower/rig I don’t know as the actual drilling of the well is over. Judging from later observations, I can only speculare: they might be flushing the … Continue reading


For a Few Days …

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… there was no activity on that drilling-pad across the highway, but now work is being resumed again: the preparations for fracking those two wells are in progress. First, after all the previous mobile homes had been moved, new ones … Continue reading


Drilling Done

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Last Thursday the second of the two wells across the highway from our property was done drilling and all tghe machinery was being removed. All of that drilling went really fast, to my mind, considering that it was two wells … Continue reading