Travelogue: England & Scotland 2013 – Day 2 [The First Steps in London]

We Explore the Neighbourhood

But even if we were quite exhausted, we didn’t want to lie down and go to sleep, but explore the neighbourhood and walk along Oxford Street. It was only w few minutes’ rest we wanted to have on the bed. But then, after just two minutes, we fell asleep even though. Luckily I must have started snoring – sometimes that usually annoying habit DOES have its merits!  😉  – and with that I woke Mary up again after a short time, and she woke me and we went off on our first exploration of London which took us, lo and behold, to a Starbucks! As we were to find out soon during our stay, they’re quite ubiquitous – ten a penny as the English say – in London. We took some refreshments and then walked on, while there was some drizzle sometimes. But mostly it was dry, even if grey, overcast and quite cold, at least for people used to the southern Texas climate.

What we immediately realized in Oxford Street and what we found confirmed again and again later, is what Mary described in her diary with the following words, “Pedestrians are in a rush, it seems, as is all of London.” And of course, one of the first items on Mary’s to-do list was looking for postcards. The longer she was looking the cheaper they seemed to get: from 6 at £1 in the beginning, then 8 and finally 15 at £1! Of course she went ahead and bought those. The way she writes postcards those fifteen might have lasted her through her first day – possibly!  😉  And what she also found – on her very first day in London – was a Penny Mangle [or “Penny Press” as they’re called here in the US]!

penny press

A Penny Press – That Saves My Day!

And that really made her day. Pressing pennies and collecting them is her big hobby when travelling. And finding that Penny Mangle was a real surprise as she didn’t have that on her list of locations of Penny Mangles which she had compiled with information from the internet before we left the US.

Our supper was at “The Tottenham“, a pub near the intersection of Oxford Street and Tottenham Court Road, belonging to the Nicholson’s chain of pubs. Both of us went for the traditional food, fish and chips [line-caught cod, as the menu had it, with mushy peas]. And I had to have a “pint of bitter”, of course.

pint of bitter

A Pint of Bitter – What a Pleasure!

I had really been looking forward to that, namely having a real English beer, ever since we had begun planning this trip. After our supper we went back to the hotel, full, content and quite tired, and now nothing could keep us from going to sleep any more, even at 6:15 p.m. only.

Um diesen Beitrag in Deutsch zu lesen, hier klicken.

6 responses to “Travelogue: England & Scotland 2013 – Day 2 [The First Steps in London]

  1. Ha ha glad you found the penny press x

  2. Pit, we lived in London for 3 years, and it’s one of our favorite cities on earth. As you know, there’s so much to see that it takes some real prioritizing to see even a fraction of it. It’s also very easy to tire yourself out on museums so they definitely take some planning. The British Museum and the V&A are must sees, but each will take some time (and maybe some high-grading). However, it you want a small, interesting, eclectic museum that doesn’t take forever to see, check out the Sir John Soane Museum. He was an prodigious collector, and his house is great fun to see. Check the website:
    Have a great time. ~James

    • Hi James,
      Even when we were still planning our trip we knew that there would not be enough time in London. But we wanted to see other parts of England and Scotland, too. So we certainly need to come back … more than once!
      This time we didn’t do any museum except that at Greenwich. Anothwer reason to come back.
      Thanks for the tip re the Soane Museum.
      Best regards from southern Texas,

  3. just learnt a new word (which I had to look up in the dictionary) “ubiquitous” 🙂

    Schön, Eure Reiseerlebnisse mitverfolgen zu können .. und tolle Bilder von Euch beiden 🙂

    • Und ich habe gerade einmal nachgeschlagen, ob ich es wirklich richtig verwendet habe. Aber habe ich.
      Freut mich, dass Du unserer Reise so gerne mitverfolgst.
      Dann bis zum nächsten Posting: mach’s gut,

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