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… how it works: bicycling, that is. Today I was on the bicycle again for the first time in almost a year, and I still haven’t forgotten how to do it.  😉  It is only my upper legs that don’t … Continue reading


Cyclismo – A Great B&B in Fredericksburg

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From Monday to Thursday this week we were in Fredericksburg/TX again, on the look-out for property, and this time we stayed at the “Cyclismo“. This wonderful B(&B) is run by Frank Floyd, an avid bicyclist, and therefore especially – but … Continue reading


Ready to Roll

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Last weekend, more precisely, from Friday until the day before yesterday [Monday] we were in Fredericksburg, Texas Hill Country , on the occasion of the 5th Annual LBJ 100 Bicycle Tour . And that here is what it looks like … Continue reading


Reposted: “Springlike …” [originally posted as “Fruehlingshaft …” on January 21, 2010]

… that’s what the weather was like today with [after some early fog] the sun shining cfrom a bright blue sky, 75 degress at noon already and barely any wind: absolutely great for a bicycle ride, in a short-sleeved jersey … Continue reading


I Have a Drinking Problem

No, not with alcohol, that I drink too much if it, but plain and simple with fluids, that I simply can’t pour enough fluids into myself in this heat, to make up for the loss of fluids while working outside … Continue reading


Reposted: “Done!” [originally posted as “Geschafft!” on January 21, 2010]

Done! Posted by Pit on Thursday, January 21, 2010 Overcame the “innerer Sch weinehund” [now how do I translate THAT?? “Inner devil”, maybe?] and back on the bicycle again for the first time this year. It wasn’t too long a … Continue reading


Re-Posted: “Well, Actually” [originally posted on January 17, 2010]

Well Actually … Posted by Pit on Sunday, January 17, 2010 … today would indeed have been a day [sunshine, little wind and about 20 degrees Celsius] to finally jump on my bicycle again, but somehow I could not bring … Continue reading