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… is a term well-known here, too. And two of them [Btw, what is the correct plural of “Bratwurst” in English? I know there’s the abbreviation “Brats” – but what for the long form?] are just sizzling in the pan. … Continue reading


A Coffee-Maker for Just $9.99

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Last Sunday, on our way back from, among other things, watching a performance of Peter Pan [more about that in an upcoming post] we stopped by at the H.E.B. in Floresville for a few minutes, basically just to get some … Continue reading


“Spatenbräu Dunkel” and “Grüner Veltliner”

When we were in San Antonio yesterday, to watch Alfred Hitchcock‘s “Rear Window” at the Bijou Cinema [more about that in a further entry], we also took the opportunity for some shopping. As it’s ca. 55 miles just one way, … Continue reading


Gasoline Price War

After a new Super Wal Mart with a gas station has opened in nearby Floresville, this Wal Mart and the H.E.B there are on a price war as far as gasoline prices are concerned and keep undercutting each other – … Continue reading


Heringsstipp und Pellkartoffeln …

… is what I had for supper tonight. Well, actually no peeled potatoes as I simply was too lazy to peel them. And since they were nice and fresh it was no problem to have them with their skins. And … Continue reading


Kasseler and Sauerkraut

That’s what we had two days ago: YUMMY!!! When shopping at “our” H.E.B. in Floresville – we prefer driving to Floresville [about 25 miles] as there’s a much greater choice there compared to the H.E.B. in Kenedy [5 miles only] … Continue reading