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Let’s go ahead and cultivate some prejudices. Today, i.e., I had a relapse in good old German car-owners’ traditions: it is Saturday afternoon and the car MUST be washed.  😉  But seriously: firstly I’ve never been one of those typical … Continue reading


As I Always Keep saying, …

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… when a Mercedes S-Class in a parking-lot looks like a compact car, you’re in America, and when it looks like a subcompact, you’re in Texas.  😉  Here’s the proof, with a picture taken in a parking-lot at the harbour … Continue reading


New “Shoes” for the Car

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Yesterday I got new tires on the Escape. The previous ones [Michelin Cross Terrain SUV] had lasted about 55,000 miles. Not too bad, but not a record either. Still, we were quite happy with them, but they had worn out. Well, actually all but … Continue reading


Reposted: “The Camaro Has (New) Home” [originally posted on December 22, 2010]

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Of course it’s not only the Camaro that has a new home, but the Escape, too. Since our new garage has been completed now, I wanted to immediately see what the our two cars look like inside, The garage is … Continue reading