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We Haven’t Had That Before: …

… a fire in the fireplace on a May 2! But after another cold front had come through yesterday morning and brought some more arctic air with it, we were happy to have anice little fire burning in the fireplace … Continue reading


… is what we had yesterday: unbelievable 96 degrees Fahrenheit as early as March 18 – not even spring yet! But today it’s soemwhat cooler [82 Fahrenheit] again, and for the next few days the temperatures are forecast to be … Continue reading


I Have a Drinking Problem

No, not with alcohol, that I drink too much if it, but plain and simple with fluids, that I simply can’t pour enough fluids into myself in this heat, to make up for the loss of fluids while working outside … Continue reading


Re-Posted: “Weather” [originally posted on January 17, 2010]

Weather Posted by Pit on Sunday, January 17, 2010 The cold spell lasted from about Thursday, January 7,  to Sunday, January 10. And now we once again had  – thank Goodness, because it’s still quite dry – a beautiful, long-lasting … Continue reading