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What a Little Rain Can Do

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Even with the little rain [just 3.17 inches so far this month] some of our shrubs have really exploded. Here’s our Cenizo: For more pictures of and information about Cenizos, click here: Cenizo. As usual, a click on any one … Continue reading


At Last …

we had some highly welcome rain!  🙂  it started with that usual “beep” sound with which people watching TV are made aware of weather alerts and then a severe thunderstorm alert was running across the screen, like it’s usual here … Continue reading


On the One Hand …

…we want nothing more than rain, and even continuous rain at that, but on the other hand the present weather is simply gorgeous: relatively cool, in the mornings with a real “nip in the air”. Just now [9:11 a.m.] it’s … Continue reading


Normally it’s not that one would be happy about continuous rain, but hereabouts we are. We’ve been having nearly contunuous rain since last night – sometimes a little more, sometimes a little less – and it looks like it’ll be … Continue reading



Last night we had 1.5 inches, and it’s till raining! Wonderful, absolutely wonderful. Just now it’s showers, but there might be more in the offing. And, with the cold front having gone through, it’s much cooler: 70 Fahrenheit just now, … Continue reading


A Sea of Sunflowers

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Lately, in fact, that is, since the beginning of the year, we have had, to tell the truth, fairly good weather [except for a few days]: with 15.43 inches up to now we’ve already had more rain than during the … Continue reading


Five Inches of Rain …

… in about 3 hours: YEAH! Today in the late afternoon and early evening hours we had as much rain as I have never seen here before. But we’re happy about it as we can still use that and more … Continue reading


At Long Last: RAIN!!!

After a long time [for details see below] we had quite a substantial rainfall in the early morning hours last night, with 2.9 inches. At some time in the night I was woken up by rain falling on our window … Continue reading