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Travelogue: England & Scotland 2013 – Day 1

Karnes City – San Antonio As blogged before, I had quite a few butterflies in my tummy on the day of our leaving for England/Scotland and was awake early. As we had planned, shortly after 8 a.m. I took Sally … Continue reading


We Haven’t Had That Before: …

… a fire in the fireplace on a May 2! But after another cold front had come through yesterday morning and brought some more arctic air with it, we were happy to have anice little fire burning in the fireplace … Continue reading


… is a term well-known here, too. And two of them [Btw, what is the correct plural of “Bratwurst” in English? I know there’s the abbreviation “Brats” – but what for the long form?] are just sizzling in the pan. … Continue reading


The Nutcracker-Suite, …

… performed by the Moscow Ballet and the San Antonio Symphony Orchestra in co-operation with the San Antonio Ballet, was what we watched at the Majestic Theatre on Friday, December 28, 2012, a performance which I enjoyed a lot even … Continue reading



“Ebanazio – A Winter’s Tale of Old San Anto” was the play we saw performed by the Jump Start Company at the Sterling Houston Theatre. This christmasy, but at times also hilariously funny play/show combines elements of Charles Dickens‘ “A … Continue reading


San Antonio

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“San Antonio! Loveliest city in Texas, Venice of the Drylands, its river runs right through the heart of own, providing a colourful waterway for festive barges and an exotic riverside walk along which one could promenade forever.”   With these … Continue reading


Good Time Charlie’s

Even if it looks like I’ve only been posting about food and restaurants lately, here’s another posting on those two (related) subjects. Last Sunday we [i.e. Mary, cousins Margaret and Gordon and I] were in San Antonio for a Loretta … Continue reading


You Know You’re from/in San Antonio If …

Our local paper, the San Antonio Express-News, had that article in today’s edition, publishing their readers’ responses to the question what it is that makes San Antonio unique. Here there are my favourite ones. For all of them, go to … Continue reading


Oktoberfest in San Antonio

The day before yesterday, Friday, Oct.7, in the late afternoon and early evening, we went to the Oktoberfest of the Beethoven Männerchor on their premises at 422 Pereida St. It was a really nice and very entertaining time there, with … Continue reading


At Long Last: RAIN!!!

After a long time [for details see below] we had quite a substantial rainfall in the early morning hours last night, with 2.9 inches. At some time in the night I was woken up by rain falling on our window … Continue reading