In This Weather …

… I always work outside in full clothing [long-sleeved shirt & long pants] plus a hat.


“Heat Resistant” Clothing

But only, if work is absolutely unavoidable!  😉  This picture here is not too recent [2007], and it was taken in April. But even in our present summer heat wave I wear exactly the same clothing, as it cools once it has got wet from sweating – and that takes minutes only – and as it also prevents sunburn, which – at about 30 degrees latitude – is a real danger.

More about this picture and the action “around it” [I’m redoing our lawn] in a later posting.

Um diesen Beitrag in Deutsch zu lesen, hier klicken.

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18 responses to “In This Weather …

  1. I like it! Tho I’m from Minnesota, which doesn’t know the meaning of a “hot day”, compared to Texas folk, it occasionally strikes 100 degrees. And people give me a hard time then for dressing like you. They think I’m nuts. But they just don’t know.

  2. Is there such a thing as a German sombrero? 🙂 I would love to pick one up. Perhaps it is like a beekeeper’s costume with the traditional Lederhosen und alles. 🙂 Keep cool, my friend!

    • No, there’s no such thing as a German Sombrero. But here down in southern Texas I’m close enough to Mexico to be able to get one, I think. As to a traditional beekeeper’s outfit: that’s NOT with Lederhosen. But usually with a pipe. Am trying to keep cool, sure. 😉

  3. Very smart to keep covered–vitamin D is great but in small doses. Your scorching heat is oppressive. The hat is the most important piece of clothing to wear. Even here in the Mid-Atlantic I keep covered due to sun and aggressive mosquitos. Your outfit is great.

  4. I guess now that you’ve done your lawn, the next step is to do the cutting in a long-sleeved shirt. I know it also keeps the bugs from biting and I’ve started wearing a baseball cap when I’m out in the sun.

    • Hi Mary,
      Well, renewing the lawn was in 2007. And in the long run it was unsuccessful. With our drought here the lawn has perished in most spots, especially since we stopped watering it 2 years ago. On the one hand our water bill just for the lawn was around 150 to 200 dollars, and on the other hand we consider it a waste of a vakuable resource. Water is too scarce around here to waste it on keeping a lawn green.
      And thus, with our lawn withered in the drought, there is not much need of mowing – if any.
      Best regards from southern Texas, and don’t forget to put that cap on outside,

      • Sorry about your drought. Here on the East Coast we’ve had an over abundance of rain and water. Maybe they should find a way to pipe it out there to places like southern Texas where you need it. No watering the lawn here, but the gardener gets paid every other week rather than once a month because the grass won’t stop growing on my lawn.

        • Those plans, building big canals and/or pipelines to move water from, e.g., the upper Mississippi to here are on the drawing boards. But I don’t think they would be feasible.
          Best regards,

  5. schick doch bitte mal ein bisschen hitze zu uns hoch. wir haben dieses jahr gar keinen sommer, nur 23 grad.

    wenn du so verpackt nach draussen gehst, kriegst du ja gar keine braeune!

    liebe gruesse von Oh. zu dir nach Tx.

    • Hallo Sammy,
      wirklich schade, dass so ein Ausgleich/Austausch nicht möglich ist. Ich habe, außer in Deinem Blog, übrigens gar nicht mitbekommen, dass Ihr in Ohio keinen richtigen Sommer hattet.
      Was die Bräune angeht: will ich gar nicht. Da ist mir das Hautkrebsrisiko zu hoch. Deswegen schmiere ich mir auch Arme, Beine und Gesicht gut mit Sonnencreme ein, bevor ich mich auf’s Rad schwinge.
      Liebe Grüße aus dem südlichen Texas,

  6. You are one smart cookie!

    • Thanks for the compliment, but I must pass that on to my wife, partly at least. She told me about wearing hats here all the time. About the advantages wearing long-sleeved shirts I found out myself, though.
      Take care, and have a good one,

  7. Hi there,
    you’re looking good! 🙂 Oh je, über diese Rasenarbeit haben Klausbernd und ich gestern gesprochen, Guni macht das Gleiche wie du zurzeit! Viel Erfolg, lieber Pit!
    Good night to you from Bonn

  8. anglogermantranslations

    By the sweat of thy brow shalt thou eat (thy homebaked German style) bread! 🙂

    • Yeah for homebaked German style bread! But without a working oven [at present] I rely on Whole Foods in San Antonio [].

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