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“Ebanazio – A Winter’s Tale of Old San Anto” was the play we saw performed by the Jump Start Company at the Sterling Houston Theatre. This christmasy, but at times also hilariously funny play/show combines elements of Charles Dickens‘ “A … Continue reading


Sally and Mr. Pickwick

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I’ve meant for quite some time now to post a picture of how well our big Sally and little Mr. Pickwick get along. Here it finally is now: Isn’t it sweet, how safe this little kitty feels close to that … Continue reading


Another Computer Geek

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It’s not only Mr. Pickwick who likes computers, but Oprah also: She really likes to follow the mouse cursor on the screen and then  tries to see if she can find it behind the computer. Or she just looks pensively … Continue reading


Mr. Pickwick

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Yep, that’s the new kitty’s name. Mary is reading Charles Dickens‘ “Pickwick Papers” just now and as soon as we got to know for sure that he’s a male she came up with that name, Mr. Pickwick. And, as you … Continue reading