Extremely Hot and Humid …

… that’s what the weather was supposed to be this afternoon, according to the weather alert I had in my inbox this morning:

Weather Alert for Karnes County, TX
! Special Statement !
Issued at: 3:26 am CDT on August 31, 2013, expires at: 7:00 PM CDT on August 31,
Heat index values of 103 to 107 this afternoon…
An upper level ridge will maintain mostly sunny skies and hot conditions through the next week…but especially today. Heat index values…the combination of humidity and temperature…will reach 103-107 this afternoon over the eastern half of the area.
This is just on the edge of the danger zone where heat exhaustion and heat stroke become more likely.
If your are planning outdoor activity this afternoon such as spending time in area Parks…please take the following heat safety precautions seriously.
Drink plenty of fluids…primarily water and sports drinks. Limit time outdoors from 2 to 7 PM. Wear light and loose fitting clothing. Make sure pets staying outside have plenty of water and a shady spot to rest. If extreme discomfort or serious health situations such as difficulty in breathing or stopping sweating occur…seek medical assistance immediately.

Fortunately it’s not quite that bad, but still bad enough outside.

8 responses to “Extremely Hot and Humid …

  1. Pitt send sun over to UK we are all grey and wet now x

    • Ok.let’s exchange sun from here for rain from the UK! 😉 I wish that were possible.
      Best regards, and some nice pats for the 3 Moggies,

  2. This weekend was hot here too reaching 90 degrees on Saturday.

  3. Dear Pit,
    I can only say “keep cool” 😉
    We have quite a breeze today and the temperature dropped to 20 C. It seems that autumn is coming now.
    All the best from the Norfolk coast to you and Mary
    Klausbernd 🙂

    • Dear Klausbernd,
      We’ll try to stay cool. 😉 Lucky you with that pleasant breeze. We’ll have to wait for quite some time before that’ll happen here.
      Best regards, from Mary, too,

  4. Whew – I’m too warm just reading this!

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