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At Last …

we had some highly welcome rain!  🙂  it started with that usual “beep” sound with which people watching TV are made aware of weather alerts and then a severe thunderstorm alert was running across the screen, like it’s usual here … Continue reading


Spring & Drought

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Even if, because of our yearlong drought, barely anything is blossoming this spring, the cacti – of course, they’re more than well-adapted to this climate of ours – are the exception. Meanwhile they’re in full bloom: Both Mesquite and cacti … Continue reading


Happy Easter

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Unfortunately I can’t present as nice pictures of blossoming spring flowers as last year as is has been and still is much too dry, but there are just a few blossoms nevertheless: And also it is not an Easter Bunny … Continue reading


On the One Hand …

…we want nothing more than rain, and even continuous rain at that, but on the other hand the present weather is simply gorgeous: relatively cool, in the mornings with a real “nip in the air”. Just now [9:11 a.m.] it’s … Continue reading


Grass Fires

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The rain we had last night and also this morning was more than welcome, not in the least because with that rain the danger of grassfires, which had been huge during the last few weeks, has now lessened considerably. Let’s … Continue reading


It’s truly horrible what’s going on at present in a large part of the Rocky Mountains and elsewhere in the US: all those raging wildfires, and a plume of smoke covering close to half of the lower 48 states and … Continue reading


Summer off to a Sizzling Start

That was the title story in our newspaper, The San Antonio Express-News, yesterday. What’s to be expected: Sunday: 101 Monday: 104 Tuesday: 105 Wednesday: 103 Thursday: 100 The paper gives some advice  then how to cope with this extreme heat, and how to recognize and/or … Continue reading


When I mowed the lawn today I found out – again – that the time is coming when one gets miners’ lung from ust mowing the lawn  😉 : the grass in the front yard is drying up again with … Continue reading


Texas Ebony

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A little more than three years ago we planted this tree/shrub [Texas Ebony aka Ebenopsis Ebano]  … … in our front yardand it has developed really nicely. Of course: as a native of the Chihuahuan Desert and therefore extremely drought-tolerant … Continue reading


A Sea of Sunflowers

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Lately, in fact, that is, since the beginning of the year, we have had, to tell the truth, fairly good weather [except for a few days]: with 15.43 inches up to now we’ve already had more rain than during the … Continue reading