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Even an Oil-Well …

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… can look pretty in the glow of an early evening. I took these pictures of the oil-well across the highway from our place late this afternoon: Liquid gold pumped up by golden pumps. But it can look quite different, … Continue reading


In the Mellow Early-Evening Light …

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… everything looks different. Here there are more pictures of the Cenizo and the Texas Ebony in our garden, taken in the early evening: Related articles What a Little Rain Can Do (pitstexasexpatblog.wordpress.com) Mellow yellows for September (rozsmithblog.wordpress.com)


What a Little Rain Can Do

This gallery contains 5 photos.

Even with the little rain [just 3.17 inches so far this month] some of our shrubs have really exploded. Here’s our Cenizo: For more pictures of and information about Cenizos, click here: Cenizo. As usual, a click on any one … Continue reading


… in the last few months our AC is not running during the day. What an absolutely  wonderful feeling!  🙂  We had some very welcome rain lately – not much, but still very good – and the temperature has gone … Continue reading


Evening Clouds

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Today we had some really gorgeous evening clouds: As usual, a click on one of the pictures opens the slide show, and within the slide show each of the pictures can be looked at in full [3000×2008] resolution.


Extremely Hot and Humid …

… that’s what the weather was supposed to be this afternoon, according to the weather alert I had in my inbox this morning: “Weather Alert for Karnes County, TX ! Special Statement ! Issued at: 3:26 am CDT on August … Continue reading


Fredericksburg, Here We Come

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Yesterday we were in Fredericksburg for the umpteenth time during the last few weeks and months, to look once again [for the third time] at the house we had finally chosen as our future place of living there, and, if … Continue reading


Sally & Chiquita …

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… have got new beds: … and I believe both of them are really happy. Their old beds had become too worn and filthy for us to wash them. So we just threw them out and got new ones. They’re … Continue reading


Le Chalet – a Fantastic B&B in Fredericksburg/Texas [Hill Country]

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About two weeks ago we were once again in beautiful Fredericksburg [Texas Hill Country] “a-courting”  😉  – well, to be correct, looking for/at some property for our planned relocating. For our overnight stay in Fredericksburg we usually choose new/different B&Bs, … Continue reading


In This Weather …

… I always work outside in full clothing [long-sleeved shirt & long pants] plus a hat.


“Heat Resistant” Clothing

But only, if work is absolutely unavoidable!  😉  This picture here is not too recent [2007], and it was taken in April. But even in our present summer heat wave I wear exactly the same clothing, as it cools once it has got wet from sweating – and that takes minutes only – and as it also prevents sunburn, which – at about 30 degrees latitude – is a real danger.

More about this picture and the action “around it” [I’m redoing our lawn] in a later posting.

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