Travelogue: England & Scotland 2013 – Day 3 [Full English Breakfast]

Breakfast at the Morgan Hotel

On the third day of our tour, out first “real” day in London, we woke up shortly after 6 in the morning – quite early, but then we had gone to bed as early as 6 p.m. London time on the previous day and maybe we were still running on Texas time even if we didn’t feel like any jetlag whatsoever – and after a wonderfully refreshing shower we were at our table in the breakfast room [breakfast is served at the Morgan Hotel from 7 a.m. on] in the basement: really a charmingly done breakfast room, with its wainscoting and the many beautiful pictures on the walls.

breakfast room

The Breakfasr Room at the Morgan Hotel

On the right in the foreground there are sauces and there’s yoghurt, cheese etc. to help yourself to, and in the background on the right there’s cereals, fruit etc., again for self-service.

We were received by the friendly staff, sat down and ordered and then enjoyed the full English breakfast, which we had been happily looking forward to ever since we had started planning this trip. We had orange juice, toast with butter and marmalade, egg [scrambled for Mary and fried for myself], sausages, (baked) beans, grilled tomato and mushrooms – in short: the “full Monty”. Well, Mary of course did without both tea [she doesn’t drink tea nor coffee] and the mushrooms [which she considers “poison”, as is well known to all and sundry  😉 ]. Instead of tea she ordered a glass of tap water, as usual. And that doesn’t present any problems in the UK – as well as here in the US – neither at a hotel nor at a restaurant. In Germany though we have found again and again that it’s difficult to impossible to simply get a glass of tap water. In hotels we usually were able to get it, after some explanation, even if the staff always seemed to wonder and quite frequently didn’t seem to understand at all that request, but in restaurants it nearly always proved impossible to get our wish for some tap water fulfilled: they always seemed to want to sell their (more) expensive drinks and quite frequently strictly refused to serve a glass of water.

But back to our breakfast at the Morgan Hotel: we were served quite quickly, it was tasty and really enough.


The “Full Monty”

Coffee vs. Tea when in England

In spite of the fact that for many years I’ve never had any tea at home, I still prefer it over coffee when in England. It might be a prejudice (nowadays), but I still remember the recipe the Brownless family I stayed with in Bournemouth in 1971 and 1972 used for their so-called “coffee”: put 1 teaspoon of Maxwell’s instant coffee in a mug, add 1 teaspoon of sugar, and fill the mug up with hot milk. They actually called the result “coffee”.  😉  Well, out of necessity I drank that brew when I was with them in 71, but when I returned in 72, I brought ground coffee plus a coffee-filter with me and showed them how I did the coffee. With the result that they immediately sent me to a grocery and household gadgets store to buy the utensils for making coffee “my” way!

Anyway: even if nowadays you usually in hotels and restaurants find coffee made in a French coffeepress, I prefer tea when in England. It’s really a great brew there. And surprisingly, I don’t miss my coffee to wake me up in the mornings there.

Talking of tea: in her diary Mary was talking of “hot” tea. Typically American, as “tea” without the qualifier “hot” would mean ice-tea here in the US.

Um diesen Beitrag in Deutsch zu lesen, hier klicken.

8 responses to “Travelogue: England & Scotland 2013 – Day 3 [Full English Breakfast]

  1. ummmmm! You got me drooling!

  2. Dear Pit ,
    wow, a full English breakfast … to eat itit`s really work and sooo much. I noticed that hardly any English person orders a full English breakfast – except birdwatchers – but people from the continentlove it. I can`t eat that much in the morning, it`d just too much and makes me lazy.
    With love to you and Mary
    Klausbernd and the other three from Cley next the Sea

  3. I don’t know how I accidentally got signed up for the German versions of these posts. Glad to have found the English ones again! 🙂

  4. I would give anything to eat that full English breakfast!

    • I really like a full English [or Scottish, at that] breakfast. As I like a good American breakfast, e.g. at a truck stop. And sometimes I take the trouble to cook a good breakfast myself.
      Best regards from southern Texas,

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