England/Scotland: Day 2 & 3

Since I wasn’t able to go online here at the hotel yesterday, Thursday, May 16, I’m going to write my first entry about England for two days together now.

Yesterday, shortly after noon, we arived tired but safe here in London at our hotel [the Morgan Hotel in Bloomsbury, in the immediate vicinty of the British Museum]. We had a short rest and then started our first “exploration” of London, a walk along Oxford Street. After an early supper it was an equally early night – even if one should not do that to avoid jet lag: we went to bed shortly after 6 p.m.

Today we first went to the tourist information near St. Paul’s Cathedral and then  for an extended exploration of the City and Southwark [the borough across the Thames] on foot.

I am really sorry that this posting contains a short text only, but unfortunately I haven’t had the leisure to amplify it with more text and with pictures. It seems to be very likely that I’ll proceed to do that in a different form/context, possibly combining all my blogs. But in any case I’ll leave a note here, where the respective postings can be found. Here we are:



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