When …

… as just now, at shortly after 1 p.m., temperatures are 92 already [the high humidity taken into account it feels like 106] and it’ll certainly be more later in the afternoon – usually our daily high is between 4 and 5 p.m. – we’re happy to remember that – even if only very rarely – it can be/look quite different here:

kc winter

Our House and Front Yard on Christmas Day 2004

That picture was taken on Christmas day 2004. Yes, really: a white Christmas. It had started snowing on Christmas eve, in the afternoon, very lightly only, and everybody ran to the windows to watch in amazement as nobody believed that would be very much: snow is the absolute exception down here in southern Texas. But then the snow continued to fall and the next morn ing the landscape around the house looked like shown in the picture. It didn’t last, of course: only for one day, but it was really wonderful. Btw, nobody around here could remember having had a white Christmas ever in their lifetime, and the last time they had snow down here was in 1985!

More pictures of that white Christmas in my “Bilderbuch Blog“.

And another event was to be admired in 2004: ice rain. That left quite wondersome sculptures and views in the garden.

ice rain

Dragons in the Back Yard?

Again, more pictures in my “Bilderbuch Blog“.

Um diesen Eintrag in Deutsch zu lesen, hier klicken.

21 responses to “When …

  1. Aww, when it’s broiling outside, this looks ever so welcome!

  2. Good you got photos–it may never happen again. Are you still working toward a Hill Country move?

    • Hi Kathleen,
      I agree, ice rain and/or snow may well be a once-in-a-lifetime experience down here in southern Texas.
      As to our plans of moving: yes, that’s still on. In fact, with some oil money coming in, it definitely looks like something will come to pass in the foreseeable future. We’re at present trying to find homes in or around Fredericksburg on the internet [we have indeed found quite a few] and to decide which we want to look at. Maybe we’ll go up to F’burg the week after the next for two days, as arringing for showings takes some time.
      Best regards from Karnes City, and have a great Sunday afternoon and evening,

      • Pit, F’burg is sweet…but New Braunfels is a German town too–great music, heritage and food, two rivers, plus an easy drive to Austin and San Antonio. Maybe less expensive to boot. Hope you’ll give it a look also.

        • Hi Kathleen,
          Thanks for mentioning New Braunfels as a place worth considering for a move. I agree with what you say about it. It’s really a city I could imagine living in. I don’t know why it has flown under our radar up to now. Especially as we’ve been there quite a few times and have always liked it. I checked out property there two days ago, but haven’t found anything yet. I need to look more, especially for something on the Guadalupe. I did find some attractive places near Canyon Lake though.
          Tomorrow, btw, we’ll be driving up to F’burg again. We have 8 homes there we’d like to take a peek at. Let’s see what comes out of it all.
          Take care, and have a good one,

          • Let me know when you’ll be in NB again, would be fun to meet for lunch or dinner.

            • Hi Kathleen,
              Now that’s a great idea! I’ll certainly let you know when we’ll be in NB again. 🙂 Btw, we’ll be in the area, in Gruene at the Gruene Mansion Inn, that is, on August 22nd/23rd. But that’s a private occasion for my wife and me: we’ll be celebrating our 4th wedding anniversary with a nice supper and very likely a dance at the Gruene Dance Hall: very much looking forward to that. 🙂
              Take care, and have a good one,

  3. Loving the dragon – how cool is that!

    • And to think that was done by nature only: first a really big thunderstorm blowing down that Mesquite tree, and years later the ice rain.

  4. englandliebhaber

    In England snow is special, too. I wrote a few articles in German about it. Here is the link: England im Schnee, Der etwas andere Schnee, Der Elektriker kam nicht..
    Many greetings


    • Hallo Maria,
      danke, dass Du Dir die Zeit genommen hast, hier in meinem Blog vorbeizuschauen und auch einen Kommentar zu schreiben. 🙂 Und danke für die Links. Wie Du bestimmt schon gesehen hast, habe ich mir die Seiten angesehen und Vergleiche zu Deutschland angestellt.
      Liebe Grüße aus dem südlichen Texas,

  5. Hi Pitt hope all is well over there 🙂

  6. I remember ice rain and the dangers it brings, cracking tree limbs and coating the highways with sheets so treacherous nobody dares to drive on it.

    • Hi Mary,
      you’re right: it certainly was dangerous on the roads. I10 in the Hill Country was closed down for quite some time then. And I had to go out and hit our electrical lines with a pole to get the ice off to prvent them from breaking. But then: such weather conditions are really rare here.
      Best regards from southern Texas,

  7. Oh wow! The snow is impressive. Purrsonally I don’t like snow, it is too cold.

    I wanted to thank you for your birthday wishes for my purrthday, on Texas’ blog. I know I am terribly terribly late, and I apologize and so I send you plenty of purrs!

    • Hi Kitschka,
      Thanks for taking your time to visit my blog and leave a commtn. 🙂 You’re most welcoem re my birthday wishes. As to the snow: I agree, it’s brrrrrr cold. But then we don’t have snow very often donw here.
      Take care,
      Pit & the feline & canine crew

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