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In the Mellow Early-Evening Light …

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… everything looks different. Here there are more pictures of the Cenizo and the Texas Ebony in our garden, taken in the early evening: Related articles What a Little Rain Can Do ( Mellow yellows for September (


What a Little Rain Can Do

This gallery contains 5 photos.

Even with the little rain [just 3.17 inches so far this month] some of our shrubs have really exploded. Here’s our Cenizo: For more pictures of and information about Cenizos, click here: Cenizo. As usual, a click on any one … Continue reading


In This Weather …

… I always work outside in full clothing [long-sleeved shirt & long pants] plus a hat.


“Heat Resistant” Clothing

But only, if work is absolutely unavoidable!  😉  This picture here is not too recent [2007], and it was taken in April. But even in our present summer heat wave I wear exactly the same clothing, as it cools once it has got wet from sweating – and that takes minutes only – and as it also prevents sunburn, which – at about 30 degrees latitude – is a real danger.

More about this picture and the action “around it” [I’m redoing our lawn] in a later posting.

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  • When … (

At 100 Degrees Fahrenheit …

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… air temperature in the shade and 105 degrees real feel even the A/C has a hard struggle to maintain a decent temperature inside our (poorly insulated) house, especially as even at night the house doesn’t really cool down, with … Continue reading


When …

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… as just now, at shortly after 1 p.m., temperatures are 92 already [the high humidity taken into account it feels like 106] and it’ll certainly be more later in the afternoon – usually our daily high is between 4 … Continue reading


Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgic

When I read that the subject of this week’s weekly photo challenge in WordPress was to be “nostalgic” what came up to my mind first was our old barn, which, unfortunately, we had to tear down as it had become too delapidated to repair, and since we needed that spot for a new garage.

old barn

Old Barn and Cow Trough

More pictures of this old barn, plus other nostalgic memories here: Pit’s Bilderbuch – Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgic.


Spring & Drought

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Even if, because of our yearlong drought, barely anything is blossoming this spring, the cacti – of course, they’re more than well-adapted to this climate of ours – are the exception. Meanwhile they’re in full bloom: Both Mesquite and cacti … Continue reading


Happy Easter

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Unfortunately I can’t present as nice pictures of blossoming spring flowers as last year as is has been and still is much too dry, but there are just a few blossoms nevertheless: And also it is not an Easter Bunny … Continue reading


All the Wonderful Fragrances of the Orient …

… were what I believed to smell late last night when I was walking Chiquita in the garden. It maybe because meanwhile spring is coming. But don’t get me wrong, please, as far was “wonderful fragrances” are concerned. It wasn’t … Continue reading


Spring-Cleaning in the Garden

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Yesterday it was, because of the great weather, time to trim trees and cut “weeds” with … the chainsaw. A chainsaw for cutting weeds and trimming trees?! Well, with the trees it was some fairly thickish [some of them more … Continue reading