A Weekend in … Rockport/Fulton – Part I

From Friday, October 5, till Monday, October 8, we were at the Texas Gulf Coast again for a long weekend, but this time not in our usual Port Aransas but in Rockport and Fulton – just a few miles further north than Port A, and also on the mainland, not on one of the outlying islands. Both cities are immediately adjacent to each other and thus I’ll just talk of “Rockport/Fulton” unless the distinction is important.

The week before we went had been – as far as our “old” situation is concerned – fairly hectic [well, not really hectic but filled with appointments], and therefore we had not booked any room in advance and we also had – on the morning when we wanted to leave – to take Sally to our vet to board her for the weekend, as this time we had decided not to take her with us since, having not booked a place to stay in advance, we didn’t know if we’d find one that would accept (so big) a dog. Our cats, btw, were being taken care of, as mostly, by our friends, the Saxons. But we had time enough and didn’t have to leave early at all as it’s only slightly less than a two-hour drive from here to the Gulf Coast. It’s 104 miles to Fulton. Well, we left at 1:05 p.m., on a wonderful (late) summer’s day, with bright sunshine from a blue sky with a few cumulus clouds, and at 2:45 p.m. we arrived in Rockport/Fulton.

Since we, as I mentioned above, only had decided to go to the beach at the last moment and had not booked any accommodation in advance, we had to drive around some and search for a vacant room, because, as there was the Seafair Festival in Rockport, many hotels, motels and cabins were fully booked. Mary writes about that in her diary, “Pud [that’s her nickname given to her by her father] drives us all over hell’s half acre in R-F area. But Pud does perform!” This remark of Mary’s wants some explaining, I’d guess. Previous to that, I had in vain tried to use our navigation set, which we, because of the female voice, call “Miss TomTom“, to find two addresses of places we wanted to check out for vacancies, but contrary to what happens normally I only got the information that these addresses didn’t exist. That’s the reason for Mary’s remark, “Several times Pit attempts to get Miss TomTom to perform, but she’s a dud today!” and later her pride at having found these places herself. After some searching combined with sight-seeing, which also lead us to two great-looking hotels, which we certainly will stay at some other time, we found a vacant room at the Pelican Bay Resort

Pelican Bay Resort

Pelican Bay Resort Sign, Fence and Garden

… in Fulton. They had just had a cancellation and thus we got the only room, a so-called “mini-suite”, they had available. We have never had cause to regret that decision: we liked it a lot there.

That’s what the place looked like from the highway [Hwy 35]:

Pelican Bay Resort

Pelican Bay Resort – The Entrance

The place was surprisingly large and offered accommodation in (small) cabins/cottages and in “mini-suites” as well as in two larger units, “The Lodge” and “The Villa“.

Let’s take a short walk around the property.

The office and the first of the cabins:


Pelican Bay Resort: Office and First of the Cabins

Cabins/Cottages to the left and to the right:


The Cottages

They even had a “traffic island”:

Traffic Island

The “Traffic Island”

Not that a traffic island had really been necessary, but with the flowers, tropical plants plus a little fountain it sure looked pretty.

Traffic Island

The “Traffic Island” & the Captain’s Quarters

The “Captain’s Quarters” are mainly for the guests in the mini-suites. Though these do have a fridge and a microwave, they lack a stove, and thus guests from the mini-suites can use the stove and oven in the “Captain’s Quarters” to cook their meals, and, if they want to, also eat at a “real” big table. Besides that, the “Captain’s Quarters” serve as a lounge for larger groups and have a room with a pool table for entertainment.

View across the swimming-pool – with a hot tub [which, as Mary found out to her dismay, was actually a “cold” tub] – towards the mini-suites:

Mini Suites

The Mini Suites As Seen from across the Swimming-Pool

Past the little gazebo the path leads straight to our room:


The Gazebo and the Path to the Mini Suites

And that what it looked like from our room:

looking out

Views from Our Room back to the Gazebo

Looking from our room, or, rather, the covered walkway in front of the room, across the swimming-pool at the “Captain’s Quarters”:


Views across the Swimming-Pool to the Captain’s Quarters

What we really liked about the Pelican Bay Resort were all the old oaks, which they had left in place and built the cabins around, and which made the whole place so quiet, shady and relaxing. Even if, as it was an event weekend, the rooms were by far not as cheap as at “normal” times, and cost about as much as rooms in the two hotels we had also considered staying at, we still were absolutely satisfied with what we got and would return any time.

One more remark as to the mini-suites: our room, and I believe it can be generalized, was what I’d call “medium-to-upper” motel standard. We had two queen-size beds, a small table with two chairs, a comfortable armchair, at the end of the room a large vanity all across the room, with a sink, and on the vanity a coffee-maker and a microwave, a refrigerator under the vanity, and the door to the bathroom with a bathtub/shower combination next to this. Everything quite well kept, btw. What also was good motel standard was the fact that we had, if we so wished and not put the sign “no service, please” out, maid service every morning which took care of making the beds, tidying up the room, cleaning everything and providing fresh towels.

To be continued

Um diesen Beitrag in Deutsch zu lesen, hier klicken.

I intend to publish the pictures here and more in my “Bilderbuchblog” and, as said above, not all of them by far are mine, but quite a few have been taken by Mary.

6 responses to “A Weekend in … Rockport/Fulton – Part I

  1. Beautiful place to spend a weekend. A nice, spacious suite!
    We, too, always put out “no service” sign, just to save water on changing sheets and towels. 🙂

  2. …klasse Aufnahmen – dort würde es mir auch gefallen. Wenn ich mir das so anschaue und durchlese, macht es richtig Lust auf Urlaub 🙂

    Ah .. du schreibst alles auch auf Deutsch? das ist aber auch sehr viel Arbeit, nicht wahr? Ich les gern deine Beiträge auf Englisch (auch wenn Antworten auf Deutsch schneller geht 😉 ) das ist für mich eine gute Übung, da ich ja die englische Sprache für meine Arbeit brauche.

    Liebe Grüße,

    • Hallo Ocean,
      danke, dass Du Dir die Zeit genommen hast, hier in meinem Blog vorbeizuschauen und einen Kommentar zu hinterlassen. Das Pelican Bay Resort war wirklich ganz prima. SAuch wenn es etwas teurer war als andere Ferienanlagen dieser Art, es hat sich gelohnt, denn es war viel viel schöner als die anderen, die wir vorher gesehen hatten. Rockport/Fulton selber ist auch gar nicht übel. Der Ort bzw. die Orte selber sind schöner, finden wir, als Port Aransas [s. Port Aransas … & A Day in Port A]. Es fehlt allerdings ein Badestrand. Da ist Port A mit Meiklen über Meilen erstklassigen Sandstrands einfach unschlagbar. Rockport/Fulton ist überwiegend in der Hand von Fischern. Und es hat eine ältere Klientel als Port A. Aber das ist für uns ja nur passend. 😉
      Zu zwei Blogs: es stimmt, es ist schon deutlich mehr Arbeit, beide Blogs zu pflegen, insbesondere weil eine automatische Übersetzung am Computer auch heutzutage immer noch nicht mehr als ein besseres Kauderwelsch zustande bringt, dass dann aufwendig korrigiert/überarbeitet werden muss. Aber ich habe eben abgefangen mit meinem Blog in Deutsch, weil ich ursprünglich damit nur meine Freunde und Bekannten in Deutschland auf dem Laufenden halten wollte. Und da war für alle Beteiligten eben Deutsch die einfachere Sprache. Erst später, als dann eine Reihe von englischsprachigen Leuten mein Blog verfolgten, habe ich an gefangen, alles auch in einem englischsprachigen Blog zu veröffentlichen. Und dieses hat jetzt mehr “Kundschaft” als mein deutschsprachiges.
      Und Du kannst natürlich sehr gerne in diesem hier, dem englischsprachigen, bleiben. Ich wollte Dich eben nur wissen lassen, dass es auch das andere gibt.
      Liebe Grüße unhd ein schönes Wochenende,

  3. Guten Abend zur späten Stunde.Pit (23.55Uhr bei uns). Auf diesen Kommentar Antworte ich von Deinen guten Fotos gerne wie immer. Das ist für uns etwas anderes was wir nicht kennen. Weiter so. —.Auch Dein Schreiben übersetzen wir immer in Deutsch – PC.
    Herzliche Grüße von uns. Wolfgang

    • Hallo Wolfgang,
      danke, dass Du zu so später Stunde noch hier in meinem Blog vorbeigeschaut hast. 🙂 Apropos Übersetzen: das kannst Du Dir – wenn Du willst – sparen, denn ich poste Alles auch in meinem anderen Blog in Deutsch. Kannst ja mal hier reinschauen [] und da ggf. abonnieren. Wäre doch einfacher, oder?
      Liebe Grüße aus dem südlichen Texas,

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