A Day in Port A

Two days ago we once again were – surf temperatures of 88 degrees are really inviting and even that high a water temperature still has quite a nice cooling effect when air temperatures are way over 100 dgrees – in Port Aransas, our favourite place here at the Texas Gulf Coast. We had left fairly late, at around 10:15, but then it’s only about 90 minutes to get there. Well, actually 90 minutes to Aransas Pass onh the mainland. And then, via the causeway and a quick ferry trip [there was barely any waiting] across the Intracoastal Waterway plus a short distance in Port A [as it’s called by the natives] itself, and we were at the beach, after a little less than 2 hours altogether. After quickly erecting the canopy, putting the beach chairs in the shade under it, and slathering on sun screen [which you really need to here as we’re on the same latitude as the northern Sahara and a tad more to the south than  Cairo], we could simply relax, listen to the soft murmur of the surf and the chirping of the birds and … just “let our soul dangle”.

This time, btw, we had brought Sally for the first time. Before, we had always left her at home, together with Buster, when we went to the beach for just one day. And when we wanted to stay at the beach for more than a day, we had taken her to Dr. Patton – our vet – for boarding. But now, as Buster is no longer around [we’re slowly and reluctantly admitting to ourselves that he very likely won’t come back], we just wanted to find out if she might like the sea and the beach, especially as we know that she – contrary to Buster – does not feel uncomfortable when travelling in the car. And we also thought it might be easier for her in the sea breeze than somewhere around outside the house or in the garden. It’s simply way too hot here just now. Thus, if that day would go well, we’d know that we could take her for a (long) weekend, too. With us she does feel more comfortable, of course, than when boarded – even if she’s really well cared for at Dr. Patton’s – which we call “The Patton Hilton”, btw.

Well, there we were, at the beach:

Pit & Sally

My Gosh! What Thin Calves This Guy Has!

Those calves really call for a lot more bicycling – not only wearing a t-shirt and a cap from a bicycling-event! And no lame excuses because of the weather, please.

Sally, btw, shows her typical pose here, when she’s somewhat afraid: head down and tail between her legs. Talking of Sally being afraid: that’s something I need to write another entry about some time (soon).


On Our Way toward Cuba

Well, it might be Venezuela and not Cuba – my inbuilt compass is not that accurate. I had fairly quickly been able to persuade Sally to come to the water’s edge with me. To the best of our knowledge – we don’t know exactly, of course, as she came to us as a stray – it was her first time at the beach and in the water.


For the Time Being, Just Knee Deep Only

After all, one has to get used to it. And that’s why she deserves a little pat on the head. Later she came with me into somewhat deeper water and started paddling with her paws: a natural-born swimmer!  😉  What she didn’t like, though, was when waves hit her directly in the face. Well, who actually does??

Sally & Me

Sally & Me

We’re coming back.


I’ve Earned My Rest

After having been in the water twice and also walking along the beach for a while Sally has really earned her rest.

Um diesen Eintrag in Deutsch zu lesen, hier klicken.

10 responses to “A Day in Port A

  1. Looks like you’ve been blogging for some time. Well done, Pit. Love the photos and your Sally-girl was too adorable. 😉

  2. Never been to Port A, but you make it sound really inviting! I read about it before when I was researching scuba diving in Texas and found out that lots of scuba boats leave from there. Maybe one day I’ll make it down there. Was the water clean? I’ve been in Galveston before and opted for strolls on the beach instead of getting in the water since it was really kind of dirty…

    • Hi Sabrina,
      We certainly like Port A. On the one hand, it’s the resort with a great beach closest to us, and on the other hand it’s kind of family-style, not posh. As to scuba diving: I don’t know much about it, but I wouldn’t think Port A is the place to go for that. I wouldn’t think there’s much to see under water there. To my mind, it’s more deep sea fishing that’s done out of Port A. And I can’t really tell how clean the water is as at the beach there’s always sand in it stirred up by the surf. But I don’t mind swimming there, absolutely not – unless there’s been a strong wind blowing in from the sea and bringing in sea weeds. But other than that, no problem. And then, if you really want some solitude [not that Port A’s beaches are noisy – not at all], there’s San Jose Island [ferry from Port A]. We haven’t been there yet, but surely will.
      Best regards from Karnes City,

  3. Hi Pit,
    I’m telling my wordpress readers, I’ve gone back to allowing all comments. I left on the “no anonymous” for a couple of days to scare off the troll, so feel free to comment anytime.


    • Hi Randall,
      Thx for enabling comments again. Will certainly leave one or the other some time. I really like your “Musings from the Hinterland”.
      Regards from Karnes City,

  4. Hi Randall,
    I know it’s unbelievable and maybe you’ll have to send me to a psychiatrist, but we didn’t have seafood this time! The basic reason was Sally: we really didn’t want to leave her in the car in that heat while we were eating in a restaurant. So we had just sandwiches, which we ate in our car, parked in the shade.
    As to shrimp: that was a real surprise to me, that my wife – who simply LOVES them – didn’t bring any home, especially as we had packed our large ice box. I’d like them, too, but need to be careful with shrimp as they have quite a bit of cholesterol.
    As to oysters: both of us are no oyster persons.
    But again: thinking back I must admit that our stay in Port A was lacking something this time. Well, hopefully it wasn’t the last time this year. We might go back there after my wife will have returned from another trip to Europe. And by that time the weather should be more comfortable.
    Take care,

  5. I trust you’ll post a seafood entry as I’m missin’ me some shrimp and oysters!


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