Mowed the Lawn

When I mowed the lawn today I found out – again – that the time is coming when one gets miners’ lung from ust mowing the lawn  😉 : the grass in the front yard is drying up again with the dry soil showing, and thus there’s an awful lot of dust blowing out from under the lawn tractor.

2 responses to “Mowed the Lawn

  1. We only mow a few times a year…that way we don’t see the cracks in the clay beneath the grass.

    • Hi Kathleen,
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. For the last few weeks [with the rain we had [15.43 inches so far this year] I’ve been mowing about once a week, but as it seems to be getting drier now it won’t be that often. And then the cracks will appear for sure. Well, I really woudn’t mind having to mow more often if we had rain!
      Take care,

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