A New Kitty Again

Yesterday, our friend Mike called and asked if we wanted another little kitten. His grandchildren had picked it up somewhere but didn’t want (to keep) it, and Mike and his wife couldn’t as one of their dogs wouldn’t leave the kitty alone. Well, of course we accepted it. We don’t have a name for it yet as we’re not yet sure about its sex. We think it’s about weeks old – which makes it just a tad older than Oprah when she came to us last year. It seems to be quite happy here. Just now it’s sitting on my lap, looking and sometimes pawing at and biting my fingers as I’m typing.

And here it is:


The New Kitty

And now a close-up:


Fast Asleep

Isn’t it sweet?

The little one has no fear, btw, of big Sally: it has been spending quite some time today together with Sally, just at her feet, on Sally’s pillow here in the living room – like now:


With That Big Dog I feel Safe and It’s So Comfy on Her Pillow!

Our only concern is how Oprah, aka “Miss Hissy Fits”, will behave towards her. But so far everyhting has been fine, except for just a few hisses at each other. Other than that, Oprah has left the little one alone, and so we hope they’ll become friends.

2 responses to “A New Kitty Again

  1. I’ve always wondered where the alleged antipathy between cats and dogs comes from. Every dog and cat combo I’ve owed got along swimmingly.


    • Hi Randall,
      Thanks for stopping by and taking your time to comment.
      I agree: none of our dogs has ever been unfriendly towards cats. And Sally is really friends with one of our cats, Oliver. We call him “her sidekick”. 😉
      Take care, and have a great weekend,

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