Back in Texas Again

After our holiday in Germany and England [more about that in later posts] we’re now back in Texas again and Texas has greeted us in the usual way: with a heatwave! The day before yesterday San Antonio set a new record high with 104 degrees Fahrenheit. So we can really feel at home again.   😉   Luckily, just now it isn’t too humid. But that’s the only consolation.

Most of our plants and flowers seem to have survived, thanks to friends of ours coming by and watering. The lawn looks awfully brown, though. I think we’ll have to water that very soon and quite extensively to keep it from dying.

Our animals – the cats, that is – have survived, too. Well, they had been fed regularly. But, as the people who took care of them told us, some raccoons must have been on a rampage quite frequently and eaten their food, even from the containers in which we keep the food, despite the fact that the lids had been weighted down with stones. So sometimes the cats might have been a tad hungry and would have to rely on catching mice. That, and the fact that Pepper, our new cat, is quite dominant and sometimes chases the other, might have made Mr Chips – who is still missing – wander off. Btw, Frankie had wandered off, too, be we found him when we walked the paths and lanes behind our property. Maybe Mr. Chips will be back, too.

The dogs are doing fine, as they were at the “Patton Hilton”, as we call it: our vet’s [Dr. Patton] animal boarding.

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