At Long Last: RAIN!!!

After a long time [for details see below] we had quite a substantial rainfall in the early morning hours last night, with 2.9 inches. At some time in the night I was woken up by rain falling on our window unit, something that can easily been heard inside the house, and when it grew light, I could see puddles in the driveway: such a welcome sight!

That did really good, but after our month-long drought there needs to be much much more.

Talking of month-long drought: today’s rain was only the third time since mid-October of last year that we had a measurable rainfall at the house. For San Antonio the statistics [our paper, the San Antonio Express-News did a special feature on the drought in its Sunday edition] are as follows:

March: normally 1,89″ – actually 0,01″

April: normally 2,6″ – actually 0,03″

May: normally 4,72″– actually 0,84″

All in all San Antonio got – over a period of 110 days starting March 1st and ending last Sunday – 0.88″ when 12.01″ would have been normal and we’re in “exceptional drought” just now. And even if we’d return to normal rainfall patterns from now on the drought would only worsen as the upcoming summer months are usually the driest in the year.

Um diesen Beitrag in Deutsch zu lesen, hier klicken.

2 responses to “At Long Last: RAIN!!!

  1. Hi Sabrina,
    I would [send some rain to West Texas, that is], if I could. But come to think of it, what would happen if we could really micromanage weather? Where would that lead to?
    And re the drought: old-timers here say that it has happened before and it’ll happen again and that there will be rain again. I think this – kind of fatalistic – point of view is the only way to deal with this issue.
    As to you being from West Texas: where actually do you live? I don’t know much about West Texas, and have been there only once [on my honeymoon in September 2009], in the Big Bend region. We had a wondereful time there, and I’d really like to return, especially to ride my bicycle on the scenic loop out of Fort Davis, and maybe even taking part in the Fort Davis Cycletest. But that would mean a lot of training before I can do that.
    Best regards from southern Texas, and good luck with rain,

  2. Send some up to West Texas! We still haven’t had any real rainfall since January. Unbelievable, isn’t it?

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