A Very Patient Sally

As I already wrote in my previous entry, Sally can really be patient and understanding with our little kittes. She even sidles over and lies down on the hard wooden floor in the living-room …


A Very Patient Sally on the Hard Wooden Living-Room Floor

… when her big pillow in the dining-room has been highjacked by an ever so little kitty:


A Very Little Kitten Slab-Dab in the Middle of a Very Large Pillow

7 responses to “A Very Patient Sally

  1. Bwahaha – so wie sich das gehört 😉

    • LOL
      Sally ist wirklich eine Liebe. Sie hat es sogar ertragen, meistens jedenfalls, wenn Mr. Pickwick sie gekratzt und gebissen hat. Und wenn es ihr zu viel wurde, hat sie sich einfacj woanders hin verzogen. Ich habe es nur ein einziges Mal erlebt, dass sie in angeknurrt hat.

  2. This is hilarous, I know this situation.
    Siiigh, I feel so sad because Oliver is missing.

    A big hug for you all,

    I look forward to seeing you in Germany
    and you and Mary in North Norfolk next year!

    • Hallo Dina,
      Thanks again for stopping and leaving a comment. And thanks for the big hug. 🙂
      I’m looking forward to meeting you in Germany, too. As to next year: as I said, that’s still in its earliest planning stages, and we’ll have to wait and see how it’ll turn out.
      Have agreat weekend, and my regards to the two bookfayries,

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