Reposted: “Springlike …” [originally posted as “Fruehlingshaft …” on January 21, 2010]

… that’s what the weather was like today with [after some early fog] the sun shining cfrom a bright blue sky, 75 degress at noon already and barely any wind: absolutely great for a bicycle ride, in a short-sleeved jersey and bicycle shorts. And not to forget: with sunscreen!

2 responses to “Reposted: “Springlike …” [originally posted as “Fruehlingshaft …” on January 21, 2010]

  1. At the moment, it’s 110 with the heat index factored in. I could use some “Spring-like” weather.


    • Hi Randall,
      I know how hot it is just now farther north. Usually, I’d think, it’s hotter down here that up north, like last year, when we had 56 conscutive days in the triple digits, but this summer seems to be different. But not by much. Today it’s supposed to be 102 [with humidity figured in, a real feel of 107]. What bothers us here really is the drought – bw now for about 8 months.
      As to my postings about the mild temps in January [2010 and 2011]: that’s mainly to make my German friends envious! 😉 Well, I certainly do enjoy the fact that I can ride my bicycle here in January in short sleeved jerseys and short bicycle pants – more than I enjoy riding it now. More thoughts on bicycling in my bicycling blog.
      Best regards, and try to stay cool,

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