Much too Dry …

… it’s been here for a long time. Ever since mid-October of last year we have had no reasonable precipitattion, with the exception of one time in January, when we had 2.5 inches. But that was then just the famous drop in the ocean. Actually such a weather – often with the sun shining from a cloudless blue sky – would be ever so beautiful, if it were combined with such a long drought – the it’s no longer a good thing. And so everything is way too dry and arid. The grass is brown and lawn, flowers, plants and shrubs and trees not established yet must be watered constantly. And it won’t take long before the first level of restrictions in water consumption will be issued. And apart from that the fact that it isn’t good for the water table anyway, it also does the wallet no good: our water bill will be driving us to tears. But watering simply has to be, because we can’t let everything wither. And this drought combined with the high winds also makes for extremely high fire hazards. In many places here in Texas there are huge wildfires that are hard to get under control.

Here are some pictures of our property [driveway and pasture], to show what it looks like with enough rainfall and without, respectively. I’ve tried to get about the same perspective.


Our Property with and without Enough Rain

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3 responses to “Much too Dry …

  1. The pictures on the left could be San Diego each and every year in January or February. The pictures on the right could be six months later, the start of our “fire season.” When I was growing up in Texas, I never thought I’d live in a place that has a “fire season.” And to think people from back East say that we don’t have four seasons here in San Diego. They are right! We have six seasons: rainy season (six weeks in December and January), mudslide season (coincides with the last two weeks of rainy season), summer (February to May), tourist season (Memorial Day to Labor Day), drought season (February to December), and fire season (July to November).

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