It Is That Time of the Year Again

…  or the weather, rather, when you do not get hay fever but rather pneumoconiosis while mowing the lawn, as I found out again today mowing. Despite the frequent lawn watering  there meanwhile are quite a few very dry and barren spots, where the mower stirs up more dust than anything else. And the wind blows that all over the place and I breathe in it. And just now I also noticed, when I needed my handkerchief, that quite a lot had ended up in my pants pockets: dust and grass.

Speaking of lawn watering: with the drought as it is now we can barely cope, because our water pressure is not high enough to operate several sprinklers simultaneously. And because the single sprinkler has to stay for an hour at least in one spot, so that the lawn gets enough water, it takes quite some time until the entire lawn [more than 16,000 square feet] has been watered. We could really – except for the night – water continuously. But that can’t be done, can it? Speaking of night: that would be actually the best time to water because it does not evaporate so fast then. But that would only be possible with an automatic irrigation system, and that we can’t set up due to the low water pressure. So we water the traditional way, and rely on the lawn – at least the Bermuda grass – being drought tolerant and heat resistant. And indeed the Bermuda grass is doing pretty well. When there is too little water and too much heat the lawn goes into a kind of “summer sleep”, it goes dormant. But all that is not Bermuda grass – and there is also much of that stuff around here – is not nearly as tough. Nevertheless, we hope that at the grass will not suffer (too) much.

And with all this: it’s still spring and summer has not even started yet!

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6 responses to “It Is That Time of the Year Again

  1. Aaack! After I graduated from high school and went off to Texas A&M University, I swore I would never mow another lawn in my life. And I haven’t. After mowing my wise old grandmother’s lawn twice a week for eight years, I had enough of that!

    • Hi Russel,
      Thanks for “camping out” in my blog and for your comment. Unfortunately, mowing the lawn is necessary from time to time. Just now, though, with the heat and the drought, the grass doesn’t grow that quickly – of which I’m happy. We have been thinking of reducing the area planted with grass, though, and going to xeriscaping, but we haven’t made any real progress there so far. We’ll just wait and see, for the time being, what’s going to happen to us with our plans of relocating.
      Have a good one, and take care,

  2. Hi Sabrina,
    Well, why should it be different with you? 😉 You also live in Texas, and, as I gather, more to the west than we do. And the further west you get in Texas, the more arid the climate is.
    Best regards,

  3. The same happened when we mowed our lawn 🙂 More dust than anything else 🙂

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