They’ll Be Drilling Soon, …

… and exactly across from our property at that:

drilling pad

Building the Drilling Pad

It was not quite two weeks ago when construction started at this new drilling pad, exactly across from our driveway. We’ll have to see what will comeout of it: plenty of noise, definitely, first with the drilling of the well and then, even more, with the fracking. We ourselves – naturally – are in two minds about this development, the oil boom here in the region. On the one hand there is the unmistakable benefit [and we ourselves hope to have a small gain, too] for an economically underdeloped area as ours: new motels, e.g., are just sprouting up everywhere. But then, on the other hand, there are all the negative side effects, fcrom gthe heavy traffic that tears up our roads faster than they can be repaired, through the housing market [some families have been evicted and can’t find any affordable accomodation since the landlords can make much more money renting the space out to oil workers] to the undeniable environmental risks of the fracking process. Let’s just hope that all will be well and that Murphy’s Law [“What can go wrong, will go wrong“] won’t apply here.

I’ll keep posting.

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6 responses to “They’ll Be Drilling Soon, …

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  4. Fortunately, engineering is making things safer, though they’ll never be 100 percent safe, given that humans are involved. I’m all about protecting the environment from wasteful, destructive processes, but humans are a part of Nature, too. In fact, it is our moral process which allows us to care about this stuff. Animals just poop in streams.

    I wish you well, no pun intended.


    • Hi Randall,
      I totally agree: while trying as best as we can to protect our environment, we still need to exploit the natural resources at the same time.
      Best regards,

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