Last Thursday, …

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August 22nd, we celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary in Gruene. We stayed at the Gruene Mansion Inn, … … had a fine supper at the Gristmill Restaurant … … and after that went to the Gruene Hall … … for … Continue reading


Le Chalet – a Fantastic B&B in Fredericksburg/Texas [Hill Country]

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About two weeks ago we were once again in beautiful Fredericksburg [Texas Hill Country] “a-courting”  😉  – well, to be correct, looking for/at some property for our planned relocating. For our overnight stay in Fredericksburg we usually choose new/different B&Bs, … Continue reading


In This Weather …

… I always work outside in full clothing [long-sleeved shirt & long pants] plus a hat.


“Heat Resistant” Clothing

But only, if work is absolutely unavoidable!  😉  This picture here is not too recent [2007], and it was taken in April. But even in our present summer heat wave I wear exactly the same clothing, as it cools once it has got wet from sweating – and that takes minutes only – and as it also prevents sunburn, which – at about 30 degrees latitude – is a real danger.

More about this picture and the action “around it” [I’m redoing our lawn] in a later posting.

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Black Vulture Meets “Old Sparky”

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Just a few days ago – I blogged about it – one of “our” Black Vultures was sitting on the roof of our old metal shed … … and giving me a very critical look … … when I came … Continue reading


A Weekend in … Rockport/Fulton – Part 3

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It’s been a very long time since I last wrote about that weekend in Rockport/Fulton on the Texas Gulf Coast in October 2012, and ever since I have wanted to continue. Well, here we are! There are so many pictures … Continue reading


At 100 Degrees Fahrenheit …

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… air temperature in the shade and 105 degrees real feel even the A/C has a hard struggle to maintain a decent temperature inside our (poorly insulated) house, especially as even at night the house doesn’t really cool down, with … Continue reading


After my wife looked up vutures in our “Birds of Texas” book, I believe I have to correct myself. Those birds we have in our back yard seem to look more like Black Vultures [Coragyps atratus] to me now than like Turkey Vultures as I said in my previous posting. Maybe there’s an ornithologist in my readership who can help.


For a Few weeks Now …

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… we’ve had some avian guests on our property: turkey vultures [cathartes aura], aka (turkey) buzzards, if I identify them correctly. They seem to like hanging around on the roof of our house, on the basketball hoop, on our electricity … Continue reading


Our Ants …

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… are one step ahead of us. While we’re only planning to relocate, they’re already on the move. A few days ago I saw quite a procession of ants [unfortunately I wasn’t able to get a good picture of their … Continue reading


Those Dang Taxes

It’s always the same, isn’t it? The State knows how to best fleece the citizens. And since after all I on the one hand am a German citizen still [more about that below], and on the other hand have moved … Continue reading