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Extremely Hot and Humid …

… that’s what the weather was supposed to be this afternoon, according to the weather alert I had in my inbox this morning: “Weather Alert for Karnes County, TX ! Special Statement ! Issued at: 3:26 am CDT on August … Continue reading


In This Weather …

… I always work outside in full clothing [long-sleeved shirt & long pants] plus a hat.


“Heat Resistant” Clothing

But only, if work is absolutely unavoidable!  😉  This picture here is not too recent [2007], and it was taken in April. But even in our present summer heat wave I wear exactly the same clothing, as it cools once it has got wet from sweating – and that takes minutes only – and as it also prevents sunburn, which – at about 30 degrees latitude – is a real danger.

More about this picture and the action “around it” [I’m redoing our lawn] in a later posting.

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At 100 Degrees Fahrenheit …

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… air temperature in the shade and 105 degrees real feel even the A/C has a hard struggle to maintain a decent temperature inside our (poorly insulated) house, especially as even at night the house doesn’t really cool down, with … Continue reading


Back Home Again

By now a few days have gone by since we returned from our tour to England and Scotland and it’s time for me to leave a “sign of life”  😉  here in my blog. We really had a great time … Continue reading


… that only racing people, charterers and idiots (try to) sail into the wind. Maybe I need to apply something like this here, saying that only residents aliens and idiots work during the hottest time of the day, instead of, … Continue reading


Summer off to a Sizzling Start

That was the title story in our newspaper, The San Antonio Express-News, yesterday. What’s to be expected: Sunday: 101 Monday: 104 Tuesday: 105 Wednesday: 103 Thursday: 100 The paper gives some advice  then how to cope with this extreme heat, and how to recognize and/or … Continue reading


Spring Is Here

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Much nicer than all that drilling and fracking stuff on the other side of the highway is our driveway, after – caused by a wet January and February – the wildflowers are springing up like … well, like wild: The … Continue reading


Wildfires in Texas

After a month-long extreme drought and many weeks of triple-digit temperatures and therefore dried-up vegetation, we’ve been experiencing high winds since yesterday, and all that combines – unfortunately – to create excellent conditions for widespread brush and grass fires that … Continue reading


Summer in Texas

What I’ve just read: “Come July, the devil stokes his furnaces real high, opens the draft, sends the flames to Texas so he can set up headquarters her in August and September.” quoted from: James Michener, Texas (New York, 1987), … Continue reading


88 Degrees Water Temperature

No, that’s not the water in our bathtub, that’s the actual water temperature down here at the Texas Gulf Coast. But even so, with air temps at more than 100 degrees, it is still nicely cooling. Thus it’s high time … Continue reading