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Spring & Drought

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Even if, because of our yearlong drought, barely anything is blossoming this spring, the cacti – of course, they’re more than well-adapted to this climate of ours – are the exception. Meanwhile they’re in full bloom: Both Mesquite and cacti … Continue reading


Spring-Cleaning in the Garden

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Yesterday it was, because of the great weather, time to trim trees and cut “weeds” with … the chainsaw. A chainsaw for cutting weeds and trimming trees?! Well, with the trees it was some fairly thickish [some of them more … Continue reading


Texas Ebony

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A little more than three years ago we planted this tree/shrub [Texas Ebony aka Ebenopsis Ebano]  … … in our front yardand it has developed really nicely. Of course: as a native of the Chihuahuan Desert and therefore extremely drought-tolerant … Continue reading