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I Spy~

Some very interesting information by Cindy Knoke re WP’s recent problems with “unfollowing” people.

(NOTE: Please See ALERT at end of post)


staring at you!

Meep-Meep knows,

Wile E. Coyote is after him at The Holler,

which is why he wisely lives all his days (and nights),

inside our fences,

and considers us,

neighbors, if not friends.

As wise Robert said, ‘Good fences make good neighbors!’

Cheers to you from the very wily Meep-Meep~

ALERT: A Word Press glitch keeps unfollowing people from my blog. Many people don’t realize they have been unfollowed, and I only know it has happened when someone who has been following me, has to refollow. As a test, I started following my own blog. I am constantly unfollowed! WP Acknowledges this is also happening to other blogs. It invalidates your blog’s statistical and follower count, and results in you losing followers without they, or you, knowing it. WP has not yet been able to fix the problem. There…

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Leaving the Blogosphere

Dear visitors to my blog, dear followers, dear friends,

Meanwhile I’ve been “blog-abstinent” for more than six weeks, and this has clearly made me aware of how time-consuming it is to keep up my blogs, and therefore how much time I can gain for myself by not blogging, and also that – I nearly wouldn’t habe believed it – I can live quite well without blogging.  😉  This experience has let the decision ripen in me not to continue blogging but to shut down all my blogs and – after a time – delete them completely.

Admittedly I’m sorry about that on the one hand, because it was a really great experience to have others participate in my own little world: I’ve got lots of ideas for and about myself from the comments, I’ve had to deal with and evaluate the opinions of others and re-evaluate my own ones, and I have been fortunate to learn a lot for myself.

And above all: I’ve made a lot of friends. And it’s those I’ll miss most.

But on the other hand it sometimes took a lot of time, and even if I tried not to let blogging take over too much of my life, I quite frequently felt some kind of pressure to have to publish a new article [there’s quite a lot I’d still like to write about] and especially to answer the many comments. Dear commentators, forgive me, please, if that didn’t always happen quickly enough. And for your ever so valuable thoughts a big THANK YOU!

And thus now it only remains for me to say: thanks, my friends, it’s been a truly wonderful time with you, and take care.

Best regards from southern Texas,


P.S.: I’ll also discontinue following the many other blogs I’ve got plenty of stimuli for my thoughts from. Following those has (nearly) taken even more time than writing in my onw blog.

P.P.S.: As I want to keep my farewell short, I have disabled the comment function.

Um diesen Beitrag in Deutsch zu lesen, hier klicken.

Hey, y’all . . . check spam!

It looks like WP/Akismet has a problem with their SPAM-filters. So I’d like to ask all of my followers to check their spam folders if, by any chance, one or more comments might be hidden there.



P.S.: Check out this blog [] and the comments there, too.
A thread as to this problem can be found here:

A p r o n h e a d -- Lilly Green

Every so often I check spam because all those folks selling something, including themselves, can be . . . well . . . interesting reads.

This time I found several blocked posts from some that regularly follow me!  WP is being a bit sensitive I guess. So check your spam to see if I’m in there.  I can only hold my breath for so long!

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