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I’m at It Again

Well, it turned out I couldn’t leave the blogosphere after all. I’m back with a new blog, Pit’s Fritztown News. One of the reasons, if not the main one, was that I had found so many friends by blogging whom I was really missing and who liked to read about me. So, I’d be very happy if you might follow my new blog, too.

Hope to see you all there,



Hey, y’all . . . check spam!

It looks like WP/Akismet has a problem with their SPAM-filters. So I’d like to ask all of my followers to check their spam folders if, by any chance, one or more comments might be hidden there.



P.S.: Check out this blog [] and the comments there, too.
A thread as to this problem can be found here:

A p r o n h e a d -- Lilly

Every so often I check spam because all those folks selling something, including themselves, can be . . . well . . . interesting reads.

This time I found several blocked posts from some that regularly follow me!  WP is being a bit sensitive I guess. So check your spam to see if I’m in there.  I can only hold my breath for so long!

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Preparations for Travelling …

… are in full swing, as we’ll be leaving for England and Scotland this coming Wednesday. Travlling abroad will first of all mean less blogging, even if we’ll have internet access at all our accomodations, as I don’t see any … Continue reading