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I Spy~

Some very interesting information by Cindy Knoke re WP’s recent problems with “unfollowing” people.

Cindy Knoke

(NOTE: Please See ALERT at end of post)


staring at you!

Meep-Meep knows,

Wile E. Coyote is after him at The Holler,

which is why he wisely lives all his days (and nights),

inside our fences,

and considers us,

neighbors, if not friends.

As wise Robert said, ‘Good fences make good neighbors!’

Cheers to you from the very wily Meep-Meep~

ALERT: A Word Press glitch keeps unfollowing people from my blog. Many people don’t realize they have been unfollowed, and I only know it has happened when someone who has been following me, has to refollow. As a test, I started following my own blog. I am constantly unfollowed! WP Acknowledges this is also happening to other blogs. It invalidates your blog’s statistical and follower count, and results in you losing followers without they, or you, knowing it. WP has not yet been able to fix the problem. There…

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