Our Ants …

… are one step ahead of us. While we’re only planning to relocate, they’re already on the move. A few days ago I saw quite a procession of ants [unfortunately I wasn’t able to get a good picture of their “highway”] scooting from the west side of the house over to the old garage, carrying seeds and – at least as I think – eggs:

Click on one of the pictures to start a slide show. Once within the slide show, the pictures can be viewed in full resolution [3008x2000x24b].

Those pictures are definitely not my best. I really need to practise more with my macro lens. But I still wanted to show these pictures. Meanwhile, btw, the ants have established a new home in front of the garage, under a car.


6 responses to “Our Ants …

  1. Ants are SO interesting to watch. Nice slide show Pit!

  2. At least you didn’t get one of those yellow jacket nest in your front yard like I did last week. After a trip to the bug-spray shop we got the chemical you mix and pour down their hole late at night. It worked and a couple of days later the gardener agreed to mow my lawn.

    • Hi Mary,
      Thnaks for stopping by to visit my blog and leaving a comment. 🙂 Well, we sometimes do have yellow jackets around here. But what I’m more concerned with are wasps. Their nests are quite frequent, and when you don’t see them soon enough, the stings really hurt and make for big swellings. The last time I got stung in my left calf, the whole lower leg was swollen for more than a week. And I vividly remember one time when I got stung in my face and for a while had a nose like Karl Malden. 😉 Well, I must admit that I do take my revenge: when the nests are anywhere near the house or the garage, wherever I need to go frequently, I simply spray them and kill the wasps – without commiseration.
      Best regards from southern Texas,

  3. Pitt we have this problem with black ants in our garden 😦

    • I once read that hot vinegar is an organic way to kill ants. But when I tried it, it didn’t work. So I resort to chemicals. But we kill ants only when they build their mounds too close to the house.
      Take care in Merry Old England, and good luck with the ants,

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