Medical Care

I was surprised once again last Friday at my dentist’s. I had an appointment to have my crowns checked, especially that one I had to have fixed during my trip in England. It required a short examination only as it took Dr. Phelps only a few minutes to check that everything was ok and that the crowns were still sitting firmly. And then I had my surprise: no charge! As it had been a short examination only and as he hadn’t done anything but check. I like that attitude.

Similarly good and for a German as remarkable as service without charge was my experience – renewed experience as I had had that happen before – at the local hospital last week when I had my blood work done and got a rebate of 25%. Admittedly it was, again by German standards, fairly expensive at $165 for just a cholesterol screening, but the information, “if you pay now we cab give you a 25% rebate” surprises me again and again.

Um diesen Eintrag in Deutsch zu lesen, hier klicken.


2 responses to “Medical Care

  1. I hate to say it Pit, but don’t get accustomed to this type of treatment in most of the medical community in the US. For the richest country in the world, the price of health care in America is ridiculous. As they say: “Don’t get me started!” But, I’m happy that you had a good experience. ~James

    • Let me assure you, I have no illusions about medical service here in the US, neither about the prices they charge here nor about the quality. But still, I have had some quite good service moneywise here from some doctors, who voluntarily charged me (much) less than they could have. But I have seen the opposite, too: $280 for barely 5 minutes with an ENT, $1450 for transport from here to San Antonio and $19000 for a laparoscopic outpatient’s surgery for my wife’s ankle. Btw, my orthopedic doc in Germany has some patients from the US: they fly over to Germany for treatment as that’s still cheaper – flight included – than the same treatment here in the US.
      Best regards, and have a great weekend,

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