Unfortunately …

… it didn’t work out last night and the San Antonio Spurs lost in overtime 100:103 against the Miami Heat. What a pity! That confirms the existing trend in the finals series that neither team could win a back to back game. Now we’ll have to hope that this trend – each team winning alternate games – will continue and that the Spurs will manage to beat the Heat in the final and deciding seventh game of the series. Let’s keep our fingers crossed on Thursday.


5 responses to “Unfortunately …

  1. Well, knowing none of them, I’ll just have to join you with a Go Spurs Go 🙂

  2. At least last night was a game worth watching unlike at least four of the first five. I really don’t have a dog in the race but have just wanted some good basketball that hasn’t really appeared until last night. I kinda hope the Spurs win but I’m not sure they can come back after such a tough loss.

    • Yes, it was really worth watching – if one’s nerves could stand it. 😉 I’m sorry that your prediction came true. 😦 But then, that 7th game was exciting, too.
      Best regards frrom southern Texas, and have a great weekend,

      • I am sorry that I was right but definitely an entertaining game six and seven! At least you guys made it farther than my Nuggets…I appreciate that thanks, you have a good one too!

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