Only One More Game …

… is all the San Antonio Spurs need to win the NBA finals for the 5th time in their history, after they managed to beat the Miami Heat last night, thanks to a fantastic performance of Danny Green with his 3-pointers and a comeback of Manu Ginobili, and not to forget Tim Duncan and Tony Parker, too. Of course, it’ll mean trying to beat the Heat on their home turf in Miami, but they have shown that they can do just that in their first game of this year’s finals. And since they have two more games, if necessary, they should be able to win one out of these two.

So, let’s just keep our fingers crossed that on Thursday they can do what neitzher they themselves nor the Heat have been able to do in the present finals, i.e. win back-to-back games.

One response to “Only One More Game …

  1. I*m quite sure they’ll make it ….


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