England/Scotland: Day 1

As I’ve been unable to sleep [too many “butterflies in my tummy”] since around 5 this morning, I’ve decided to get up, sip some coffee, and start writing my travelling-diary.

There must be a skunk running around the house, it’s an absolutely awful smell, even in the house: well, off to Europe then!  😉

Later, at around 8, I’ll take Sally and Chiquita to our vet, Dr. Patton, to be boarded at the “Patton Hilton”, as we jokingly call it. Then there will be the last-minute packing of the remaining items [my laptop, e.g.] plus some tidying-up, and then, at around 10, Mary’s cousin Margaret will take us to the airport in San Antonio.

Btw, it has just started raining: when angels travel, the heaven cries tears of joy, as my mother used to say.

I’ve finally managed to get the report about our first day of travelling written and published. Find the full article here: Travelogue: England & Scotland 2013 – Day 1


5 responses to “England/Scotland: Day 1

  1. Have a safe trip and bring back lots of good time memories and souvenirs!

    • Hi Rhythm,
      Thanks! Re souvenirs: my wife has already bought that many that I need to ask if they can hitch a trailer to the plane for our way back. 😉
      Take care, and have a good one,
      P.S.: I hope the north Texas tornadoes weren’t in your area.

  2. How very exciting. Not surprised you couldn’t sleep. I adore your mothers saying about the heavens crying tears of joy. I’ll probably have to steal that. Have a wonderful, safe and fabulously happy journey. Looking forward to hearing all about it.

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