Preparations for Travelling [2]

I’m nearly done: my duffel has been packed and only my carry-on needsd to be packed – tomorrow morning. And then I can be off.


3 responses to “Preparations for Travelling [2]

  1. If you are near Northampton pop in for a cuppa 🙂

    • Thank you vere so much for the lovely invitation. I sure regret that our route to the north will very likely not take us up the M!, which, to my understanding, would mean passing (through) Northampton. 😦 But maybe some other/future time.
      Take care, and give the three mogggies a nice pat,

  2. That sounds great! Please do, I’d love to follow your steps in UK. 🙂
    Have a safe trip and a happy journey!
    Big hug from Norway to the two of you!

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