Preparations for Travelling …

… are in full swing, as we’ll be leaving for England and Scotland this coming Wednesday. Travlling abroad will first of all mean less blogging, even if we’ll have internet access at all our accomodations, as I don’t see any use in sitting at the computer when I can spend my time sightseeing. It’s well nigh possible that I’ll be posting stuff once in a while, but definitely not as often as I usually do from here. But I don hope to have many pictures to publish in my “Bilderbuchblog” after returning here. Something else that, blogwise, falls under the heading “preparing to travel” is that I’ll unsubscribe all e-mail notifications for new posts and/or new comments in the blogs I follow. It would certainly mean way too many e-mails if I didn’t. I’ll still be able to see all new posts via the reader, but even with that I won’t be able to “like” let alone read (all of) them (completely). I apologize, my friends, for missing your interesting and entertaining posts, but enjoying my travelling and sightseeing takes precedence.

And now a quick itinerary:

  • May 15 to May 16: air-travel San AntonioHouston [G.W.  Bush International Airport] – London [Heathrow]
  • May 16 to May 22: London
  • May 22 to May 27: Cley-next-the-Sea
  • May 27 to June 1: York
  • June 1 to June 7: Edinburgh
  • June 7 to June 11: Shipton-under-Wychwood
  • June 11 to June 12: London
  • June 12: air travel London [Heathrow] – Houston [G.W.  Bush International Airport] – San Antonio

Um diesen Eintrag in Deutsch zu lesen, hier klicken.




11 responses to “Preparations for Travelling …

  1. Have a great adventure! I’ll be ready to hear all about it when you return!

  2. Enjoy your travels Pit!

  3. Das sind ja sehr schöne Reiseziele, lieber Pit! Ich wünsche euch eine wundervolle Reise!

  4. Dear Pit, dear Mary
    Happy travels and lots of nice encounters and surprises! I really look forward to read about your travels later and see your impressions from an exciting trip – and even more to see the two of you in fall in the Rhine Valley! 🙂
    Very sorry to miss you in Cley next the Sea though … 😦

    Sunny greetings from Norway

    • Dear Dina,
      Thanks for your good wishes for our trip. I’ll certainly publish fotos in my “Bilderbuch Blog” – later. We’re ever so much looking forward to it, especially meeting with Klausbernd, Siri and Selma. And, of course, even if it’s a long shot yet, we’re looking forward to meeting you in Bonn in the autumn. We’ll make up for missing you in Cley.
      Best regards, and enjoy “your” Norway,
      Pit & Mary

  5. Have a memorable holiday.

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