We Haven’t Had That Before: …

… a fire in the fireplace on a May 2! But after another cold front had come through yesterday morning and brought some more arctic air with it, we were happy to have anice little fire burning in the fireplace in the evening.

At 45 degrees Fahrenheit we had a record low for a May 2nd this morning.  Never before it had been that cold on a May 2. The previous record low had been 47 degrees. There is the chance, btw, that tonight we’ll break the record of 43 degrees for an all-time low for the month of May, set on May 9, 1984, if we have clear skies and if the wind dies down. [All temperatures here are for San Antonio, btw, not for Karnes City.]

For more information on this subject see the San Antonio Express-News.

Um diesen Artikel in Deutsch zu lesen, hier klicken.


11 responses to “We Haven’t Had That Before: …

  1. Dear Pit and Mary,
    isn`t it cozy sitting in front of a roaring fire?
    We have 15 C here now, quite cold as well. But actually I like it. Well, everyone talks about global warming but this year we seem to have a global “colding” 😉 Here the nature is back at least for one month if not more. But my garden seems to love it.
    See you soon. We are looking forward to your visit
    Klausbernd and his happy Bookfayries Siri and Selma

    • Dear Klausbernd,
      It sure is cosy, especially for us here in southern Texas where we don’t have the opportunity/necessity that often. Re global warming: as I answered to Ray’s Mom, even with global warming some areas of the world may still get colder. And what we’re experiencing here right now – that unseasonal cool weather and the drought – is a variation in weather (patterns), not a climate change. As to the weather in England and Scotland: we’ll come prepared – from bikini [well, not exactly] to “Faserpelz” and “Friesennerz”. 😉
      We’re ever so much looking forward to meeting you and the Bookfayries.
      Bis bald,
      Pit & Mary

  2. Weather’s been crazy lately. It gets warm then gets cold. I thought my jacket is ready to retire for next Winter but there are days it gets too cold. Oh, well, nothing is normal anymore when it comes to our climate .

  3. One of the nice things about having a fire place is that it is always available and can take the chill of when needed. 45 deg is a bit more than a chill, that is bordering on cold.

  4. Global warming makes us colder?

    • Well, yes: some places might even get colder due to global warming. But what we are experiencing just now with the cold spells and the drought is a change in weather, not in climate.

  5. Somehow, I thought Texas would be warmer.

    • Dear Corinna,
      Thanks for stopping by to visit my blog and for leaving a comment. 🙂
      Well, Texas usually IS warmer. Normally we’d be inb the upper 80s at this time of the year, with month-long 3-digit temperatures to come. That’s why we’re really grateful for the cold spell.
      Texas, btw, is really a big country with quite different climate zones, from hot and humid eastern Texas near the Louisiana border, to the dry and sometimes cold and freezing Panhandle, or simply hot and dry El Paso.
      Best regards frpm southern Texas, and have a great weekend,

  6. We’re having unseasonably cool weather here in Atlanta too.

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