Hacking WordPress

At present, there seem to be hacking attempts going on to hijack WordPress accounts.

Fore more information, check these out:

So, please, everyone make sure their password is really safe.

Best regards from southern Texas,


14 responses to “Hacking WordPress

  1. Thanks for the helpful links as the rush of followers is a bit odd.

  2. How frightening. Thanks for the warning.

  3. WOW
    thank you, Pit! I don’t have the time to read it now, but I’ll look into it tomorrow, together with Klausbernd. I’m not quite sure what we can actually do about this hacking WP…
    Greetings from Norfolk

    • Hi Dina,
      The only thing we can do, to my mind, is trying to find a very secure password and change that from time to time. Unfortunately, as I see it, there’s not safe way to change the user name as one can always log in to WordPress with one’s e-mail address, which is easy to find for hackers.
      Best regards from southern Texas, to Klausbernd and the bookfayries, too, and also from Mary,

      • Great, thank you, dear Pit. I’ll make a note of it ti change the password every now and then.
        Greetings to you and Mary from the conservatory in Rhu Sila!

  4. Thanks for posting this Pit.

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