Fredericksburg: Brigid’s Cottage

On Thursday and Friday this week we were in Fredericksburg once again and this time we had chosen “Brigid’s Cottage” to stay at, on the one hand since we wanted to have an internet connection this time and on the other hand because we didn’t need any dog-friendly place as Sally and Chiquita were staying with our vet, Dr. Patton, at the “Patton Hilton”, as we jokingly call it. Brigid’s Cottage has the additional advantage that it’s located within city limits, not far from the centre of Fredericksburg. Our choice was very much influenced by the description we read of Brigid’s Cottage on the website of the booking agency, Gästehaus Schmidt, which sounded extraordinarily enticing:

Enjoy Brigid Cottage both indoors and outdoors. This 1920’s small cottage is a 600 square foot four room cottage, which is charming, inviting and comfortable. Named after your host’s favorite saint—Brigid—the co-patron saint of Ireland.

The home has original wood floors restored to perfection with wonderful rugs for soft touches. A loveseat and comfy armchair are placed in the living room to watch the cable television. This brightly colored room with its bright white shutters has wonderful rays of sunshine peaking through. The closet has a rollaway bed for an additional guest. The kitchenette offers custom cabinetry, granite countertops, microwave and small fridge.

A white iron queen bed with romantic custom canopy and elegant quilt and pillows is found in the bedroom placed to watch the second television. The quaint bath has a tub/shower and a view of the charming gardens in the back yard.

Enjoy the outdoor with it’s beautiful garden area in your own private, fenced back yard. Seating areas are found outside to enjoy the crisp Fredericksburg mornings or just watching the wonderful bright stars at night.”

I can only state: we didn’t regret our choice but were really enthused about this charming little cottage – quite a little paradise.

Preliminary remarks as to the pictures: those of the interior of the cottage I had to crop quite a bit due to the fact that there’s always a hard shadow of the lens when I use my (extreme) wide-agle zoom without an exterior flash [which, again, I hadn’t brought with me nor had I brought a tripod]. Aditionally, you can always easily detect some vignetting with that lens at extreme wide angle. But anyway: I believe that these pictures still give quite a good idea of this little gem of a house.


Bridgid’s Cottage as Seen from N. Milam St.


Brigid’s Cottage: the Front Porch

Unfortunately – and that’s the only disadvantage – it was no fun sitting on that charming front porch due to the fact that Brigid’s Cottage is on North Milam, a quite well frequented street leading out of town. Surprisingly it was very quiet inside the house during the night and we slept well and uninterrupted by traffic noises.

The garden was really quiet, too:


Brigid’s Cottage: the Garden with the Hot Tub

This little back garden would have been really cosy if we had had more time. What Mary did enjoy, though, was that hot tub (in the background). I must admit that I don’t really care for it, though, even if it’s said to be very relaxing to sit and let oneself soak in the hot water and being massaged by the water and air jets.

The interior of the cottage looked like this:


Brigid’s Cottage: Living-Room


Brigid’s Cottage: Living-Room (2)


Brigid’s Cottage: Bedroom

Sorry about the untidy bedroom, but these pictures were taken in the morning just before we left.


Brigid’s Cottage: the Bed

A wonderful bed with a little canopy. It was “only” queen size, but wide enough. The mattress could have been a tad harder, though. My back didn’t quite agree with it.


Brigid’s Cottage: Bedroom with Closet(s) and the Door to the Kitchen


Brigid’s Cottage: the Fantastically Cosy Little Kitchen with the Sideboard and the Breakfast Nook


Brigid’s Cottage: the Kitchen from a Different Perspective, with the Sink, Granmite Countertops and the Fridge

All in all: Brigid’s Cottage is our new favourite accommodation in Fredericksburg, getting preference over the previous favourite, the Yellow House – if a stay within city limits is what we want. Nevertheless: the Yellow House and Cyclismo – the latter because of its wonderful location on Baron’s Creek – would always be worth considering still.

And for a stay outside of the city limits out choice would either be Deer Ridge Cottage [because of its fantastic views over the Pedernales valley] or Grape Creek Bungalow because of its solitude.

Um diesen Artikel in Deutsch zu lesen, hier klicken.

5 responses to “Fredericksburg: Brigid’s Cottage

  1. Wonderful place. One of my Hill Country bucket list is Fredericksburg. Perhaps end of May for peach picking and checking the nearby state parks.

  2. It looks quite nice!
    I also wanted to thank you for your birthday wishes =^.^=

    • Hi Texas,
      Thanks for stopping by to visit my blog and leave a comment. 🙂 The cottage was indeed charming.
      You’re most welcome re my birthday wishes for you.
      Enjoy the Big Apple, and take care,

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