Fredericksburg: Accommodation

On Wednesday and Thursday we were in Fredericksburg again, looking for houses and/or property. This time we had a dog-friendly accommodation so we were able to take Sally and Chiquita with us. That not possible at quite a few locations, and some only allow pets “crated”, which means they have to stay in their pet carriers [something we absolutely don’t like], or they allow pets only up to a certain weight, sometimes ridiculously low [I’ve seen 5 pounds maximum being mentioned]. That also can create problems if you have a dog like Sally, weighing 94 pounds. The additional charges for pets are quite diverse, ranging from $10 to $25 per pet per night. If we left the doggies here in the care of our vet, that would be $ 15 per night per dog, btw.

As we like to take the doggies with us whenever possible we were happy to find “The Dairy“, a former barn [built 1880] turned into a rental cottage on the property of the Ava Haus [sic], which, at $90 per night plus $10 per dog per night was really good value for money.

And now a few pictures [this time there are no pictures of the outside as the weather was rainy, cold and overcast, so that on the one hand I was reluctant to go out and on the other hand the pictures wouldn’t have shown the cottage properly anyway]:


The Dairy at the Ava Haus: the Bed”room”

This then was the bed”room”. For a one-room cottage this old barn was really roomy, with a spacious sleeping-area plus an equally spacious living-area. The bed was quite big [king size], too, something you don’t often find in those cottages, and even at that size there was enough space left and right to easily get in and out.


The Dairy at the Ava Haus: Living- and Dining-Areas

This view is from the sleeping-area across the dining-table into the living-area. On the right hand side there is the (old) cupboard which contained the “kitchen” [see picture below]. At the end of the room there was an entertainment centre with satellite TV and a video recorder, but no DVD player, which is somewhat unusual nowadays. The satellite TV didn’t work, btw. It wasn’t a problem for us as we were there for one night only and as we can easily entertain ourselves without TV, but if we had stayed for longer I would have liked to watch the news on TV. What we hadn’t realized [overlooked or misunderstood] in the description of this cottage and its amenities before booking was the fact that there was no internet available. Normally that wouldn’t be a problem – absolutely not – as, contrary to rumours 😉 , I can do without an internet connection for a day, but this time we’d have liked to be able to check out property and homes on the websites of real estate agents. Well, we managed to get by with Mary’s smartphone. Not very comfortable because of the small screen, but workable.

At the end of the room, to the right of that old decorative wheel, there was a small bathroom, with a shower.


The Dairy at the Ava Haus: Living-, Dining- and Sleeping_areas

Here we have the view from the end of the living-area across the dining-area into the sleeping-area. The sofa to the right in the foreground was somewhat uncomfortable to sit on, but provided a third bed if necessary.


The Dairy at the Ava Haus: the “Kitchen”

And this is our little “kitchen”: everything you need [sink, microwave, fridge and coffee maker] in a cupboard. There was no way to cook, though. As to “B&B”: according to the description a continental breakfast would be provided, but that only meant, as is frequently the case in Fredericksburg, that there was some food. In our case it was to fairly ripe bananas, a very tasty ring-shaped raisin pie plus quite a bit of juices and yoghurt. And, of course, coffee and teas. But then, as experienced “Fredericksburg B&B-lers”, we knew what to expect and weren’t disappointed.

What would have merited some improvement, though, was the kitchen faucet: the water came out so slowly that it would have taken more than two minutes to get enough for three to four cups of coffee. It was slightly better at the bathroom sink and for the shower, but the latter didn’t have wide and strong jet either. It was wonderfully hot though, which felt very comfortable as the days in Fredericksburg were quite cold and the heating in the cottage wasn’t too strong either.

But be it as it may, we did enjoy our stay at that old barn-turned-cottage as the ambience was romantically comfy.

Um diesen Artikel in Deutsch zu lesen, hier klicken.


7 responses to “Fredericksburg: Accommodation

  1. Oh, this is cute! We’ve been thinking about meeting in Fredricksburg with a few friends and all our doggies, but hadn’t found a good place. Good to know they exist!

    • Hi Sabrina,
      That cottage was indeed cute. Here’s another one that allows dogs: Deer Ridge Cottage [the views from there are incredible] has room [one bedroom plus the couch in the living-room] for four. It’s about 6 miles out of town. In case you want to check for more/other pet-friendly accommodation in Fredericksburg, go to Gästehaus Schmidt [THE reservation service for F’burg and the area] @ and on their page check the box for “pets allowed”.
      Btw, have I told you the we’re planning to relocate to Fredericksburg or the area? If we had been (more) lucky, we would have bought Deer Ridge Cottage – plus the main house, of course. That would have been our dream home. Unfortunately, someone else was faster than us. Now we’re looking again. We’ll be there again this coming Friday to look at property. Keep your fingers crossed!
      Best regards from southern Texas,
      P.S.: If you need any more advice or information about F’burg, don’t hesitate to ask.

  2. Hope you had a productive visit!

    • Yes, we did have a productive visit. We looked at 4 properties altogether and two were to our liking. WeÄll be up there in F’burg again on this coming Thursday and Friday, to look at one of those more closely and to look at three others, too.

  3. Sieht sehr gemütlich aus! Liebe Grüße

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