Breakfast: Bacon & Bean Tacos

This morning I was in the mood for bacon and bean tacos, and thus I quickly did them myself. The beans I had got last night at Polak’s, a local restaurant, and tortillas are nearly always in our fridge. Therefore I only needed to fry some bacon in a pan and warm up the bean in the microwave. And that’s the result.

This is #1 in the making – not yet rolled up so as to show the contents properly:


Taco #1 in the Making

Both tacos are done, but rolling them up is sometimes a tad difficult:


Only Rolling Them up Properly Presents Some Slight Difficulties

But, as you can see here, finally rolling them up properly works:


The Finished “Product”

Oh: they were very yummy!

20 responses to “Breakfast: Bacon & Bean Tacos

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  2. I think it’s a very good breakfast. Several doctors and reseachers agreed that breakfast is the more important meal of the day, this is the right way to start: )

    • I agree. WE have a saying in Germany, “have breakfast like an emperor, lunch like a king, and supper like a pauper.” I believe there’s much truth in that.
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting, and best regards from southern Texas,

  3. Hmm, sehr lecker, wenn es auch Kaffee dazu gibt bin ich dabei! 🙂

    Lieben Gruß aus Österreich, Michaela

  4. Looks mighty familiar…although I often find some scrambled egg and salsa on mine

    • Scrambled eggs would be fine, I agree. I frequently have those with bacon. And sometimes it’s bacon & cheese. But salsa is not what I usually care for. Not a “real” Texan – yet?! 😉

  5. I don’t know about this☺

  6. Dear Pit,
    I would need a “Schnaps” after such a breakfast – but it looks yummie.
    Have a great day. Sorry being so short today but I have got the builders in who need attention.
    All the best
    Klausbernd and his busy Bookfayries Siri & Selma

    • Dear Klausbernd,
      That kind of breakfast is certainly not as heavy and fatty as some cooked full English breakfast I’ve had. So, for me no need for a “Schnaps” after it. I usually cook the bacon quite crisp, so that most of the fat comes out, and then quite often follow Mary’s example and dab the liquid fat off with a paper kitchen towel. And the beans don’t have much fat anyway. It certainly was yummy, I can assure you.
      Sometimes, btw, I do bacon and scrambled egg tacos, too, and when – rarely – I buy them here, I sometimes have “papas rancheros” [that’s with fried potatoes] or “carne guisada” [that’s some meat, somewhat like Gulasch]. Typically Texan, you see. As Gallivance commented in my other blog, you’d expect John Wayne to come around the corner. 😉
      Best regards from southern Texas, and to the bookfayeies, too,

  7. Must try this 🙂 yum

  8. Uff, und das ist ein Frühstück? Danach würde ich wohl erst mal ein Verdauungsnickerchen brauchen ; ) Sieht aber sehr lecker aus, lieber Pit!

    • Hallo Petra,
      verglichen mit dem, was man hier in Texas üblicherweise zum Frühstück bekommt [wenn man nicht unbedingt in einem der preiswerteren Motels ist], war das nur ein “snack”! 😉 Ein Verdauungsnickerchen habe ich nicht gebraucht, weil es ja Kaffee dazu gab. 😉 Und lecker war’s wirklich.
      Liebe Grüße ins mittlerweile wohl wärmere Deutschland,

  9. Sehr “Texas”! Looks yummy.

  10. Those doooo look quite yummy! I can smell the bacon from here! Thanks for sharing your breakfast!

    • Hi Rhythm,
      I can assure you they were yummy. Btw, our little Chiquita got to lick off the plate and the bowl in which I had warmed up the beans.
      Take care, and have a good one,

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