I Still Know …

… how it works: bicycling, that is. Today I was on the bicycle again for the first time in almost a year, and I still haven’t forgotten how to do it.  😉  It is only my upper legs that don’t seem to know any more. I did feel them quite a bit during the ride. But other than that I was quite content: 11 miles in 49 minutes, at an average of close to 14 miles per hour: not too bad considering that I hadn’t been  riding a bicycle for such a long time.

I had decided to go to Normanna [Bee County, a little south if here] again because I had heard that the traffic there wasn’t as bad as hereabouts by far. And I also knew from previous rides there that the roads, even the smallest county roads, are all nicely paved. I can only say: it was fun, real fun and I’m happy I did it, even if I can feel my legs some  now. And I need to repeat that again. After all, it is less than 30 miles to go – an easy drive along US181 for a tad over 30 minutes.

One response to “I Still Know …

  1. Well done for getting back on track 🙂

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