Breakfast [Addition]

Recently I had a post as to “Breakfast” and here are two pictures:

bacon and eggs

Bacon & (Scrambled) Eggs

This is what it looked like, with scrambled eggs made from “liquid eggs”, that cholesterol-free stuff made to 99% from egg whites.

I readily admit that I wouldn’t really want Kaiserschmarrn as it is shown here, with whipped cream, for breakfast, but rather for dessert or as a stand-alone meal later in the day, and that a real Austrian cook would probably get a fit if he saw “Pit’s special version” of Kaiserschmarrn, but I enjoyed it: yummy!


8 responses to “Breakfast [Addition]

  1. I don’t know about that schmarmmy stuff, but that plate of bacon and eggs sure looks good to me. I’m drooling all over the keyboard.

    • LOL
      Sally, btw, would eat just about everything. 😉 At one time she even stole some chocolate cake that was sitting on my wife’s desk here.

      • hahaha! Sally sounds like a kindred spirit! One time I helped myself to a WHOLE chocolate cake! It was just sitting there. So why not?! It was so good I ate the whole thing. But then the Mom Person made me throw it all up. It wasn’t so much fun coming up as it was going down.

        • Hi Rhythm,
          It might have been an awful expoerience for you to have to throw up all that chocolate cake, but I’m sure your Mom person was right. I’ve heard that chocolate is really not good for doggies.
          Btw, maybe you need some help in your household to get hold of food. Maybe you want to read here [] how our kitties and Sally once co-operated!
          Take care, and have a good one,

  2. Lecker —
    Gruß Wolfgang
    Das essen wir auch gerne.

  3. Never heard of Kaiserschmarm before and have to say that I’m a whole, real egg kind of person.

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